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What we’re about

Life moves through us by how we move through our body. Through Tai Chi one is able
to move our body in accordance with the forces of nature. When our Body is out of harmony with the forces of Nature we experience tension, stress, and injuries, that we
quite often assume with getting old. The real cause are the poor habitual ways we have used our bodies that finally wear our body down. By learning and practicing Tai Chi, we not only correct those bad habits but actually heal our bodies by now being able to move in accordance to the forces of Nature.

We first learn to connect to Nature's energies derived from the Earth, the Sun, and the earth's Atmosphere. We then learn how to access and use these energies more than our own body's energies. In this way, we begin to feel these energies to move through us. We call this energy "Chi". That is the power of Tai Chi.

We will be learning a basic Yang Style Tai Chi form consisting of a very short sequence of 13 movements repeated in 4 Directions (North, East, South, West). Eventually we will learn the 1st of 3 parts, of the 103 Long form.

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