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*** Named Tampa Bay Tech's 2017 "Meetup of the Year" ***

This meetup group is for all things Agile in Tampa Bay! Learn, share, and connect with your fellow Agile practitioners. This group is open to all Agile roles including designers, developers, product owners, quality assurance, analysts, architects, Scrum Masters, executives, and even stakeholders. Meetups to be held in and around Hillsborough and Pinellas county on many diverse topics and in a variety of formats. You can also join us on the Agile Florida Slack community at http://www.agileflorida.com/slack/

Please review our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/tampa-bay-agile/pages/23916690/Code_of_Conduct/) before joining.

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Lean Beer for All Things Agile (Tampa)

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Tampa Bay Agile & Clearly Agile are bringing the happy hour version of Lean Coffee to your area! Drinking not required! What is Lean Beer? Lean Beer is an alternative to the early morning Lean Coffees, for folks who can’t always join us at 7:30AM. Lean Beer is a great place to ask questions and share your stories of using Agile and Lean software approaches, over an adult beverage, if you choose. We discuss any topics on Agile and Lean that are of interest to whomever is gathered. You suggest the topics, then we prioritize that list democratically, through a good ole’ fashion vote. We manage our discussions via time boxes, and a Roman vote (drinks up/drinks down). We are a non-formal group, like to loosen our ties and roll up our sleeves at the end of a long day, and gather with other like-minded Agile Practitioners to exchange ideas and information. Come see what Lean Beer is all about and get your Agile on.

Grow Financial Agile Tour

Grow Financial

Here at Grow Financial we are in the 5th year of our Agile journey. We are an Enterprise Agile shop and we have implemented Scrum and Kanban practices to many areas of the organization including IT, Marketing, Operations, and Compliance. Join us for a tour of our Agile work spaces and hear a little about our journey. The tour will end at our monthly Agile Community of Practice that runs from 12:00 PM–1:00 PM. Participants are welcome and encouraged to stay and join in the conversation as a learning opportunity or to share best practices of your own. Each month we cover a different topic or theme, based on attendee feedback. If you plan on staying for the Agile Community of Practice, let us know so we can plan accordingly. We offer bi-monthly tours of our Agile work spaces. There is a 10 person limit each tour. If you RSVP and don't show up, you are preventing someone else from attending. Please be sure you have the correct address as this event is held at our headquarters building at 9927 Delaney Lake Drive. We look forward to meeting other Agilists from the community.

Lean Coffee for All Things Agile (Westshore)

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Tampa Bay Agile is bringing the morning Lean Coffee to our area! This open discussion concept is popular among local Agile communities all across the US, including neighboring communities like Agile Orlando and South Florida Agile Association. What is Lean Coffee? Lean Coffee is a great place to ask questions and share your stories of using agile and lean software approaches. We discuss any topics on Agile and Lean that are of interest to whoever is gathered. You suggest the topics, Then, we prioritize our list of topics democratically. We manage our discussions via a Kanban board, timeboxes, and a Roman vote (thumbs up/down). For more information about the Lean Coffee format, watch this 2min video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zhG-A-kRPAU&buffer_share=3d4bc&utm_source=buffer)or read about it at LeanCoffee.org NOTE: We are running on a first-come, first-serve basis with 10 seats now. Those who make it early to get one of the seats and can join in on the session. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to listen!

Women In Agile (WIA): 11 Ways to Create Inclusive Conversations

Tampa WIA Mission: Thinking globally & acting locally to amplify & empower women In Agile. 6:00 - 6:30 PM Networking and Food 6:30 - 8:00pm Main Event: "11 Ways to Create Inclusive Conversations in the Workplace and Beyond" At our last Women in Agile (WIA) Meetup, Junko Fukuma discussed how conflicts occur, how to prevent them from escalating, and how to keep conflicts healthy and productive. In this session, we will explore a common source of conflict: situations in which people feel excluded from participation and/or decision-making. To address this issue, Dr. Patrick Cannon will discuss and facilitate eleven practices for creating inclusive conversations that show awareness of and adapt to group power dynamics. These practices are designed to create a climate where the least confident among us feels safe to speak up. Speaker bio: Patrick Cannon, PhD, PSPO, PSM Dr. Patrick Cannon is a health care advocate and consultant who has spent over 20 years applying communication best practices to increase organizational effectiveness, team cohesion, and productivity. Patrick has served multiple roles in private and public sectors, while demonstrating strong, flexible analytical problem solving, research, and project management skills. He has developed strategic plans for national, state, and local organizations, creating partnerships with culturally diverse stakeholders. Patrick is passionately devoted to improving communication and relationships to achieve organizational objectives. He has served on several nonprofit boards and is an organizer for the Heart of Agile Meetup group. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickcannonphd/ Thank you to Chad Hage and Microsoft for providing the location, and to the Eliassen Group for sponsoring the food. We are very grateful. IMPORTANT! -- We take RSVPs seriously! RSVP count for this session is limited to 50 people. If you RSVP to a Meetup, please show up. If you RSVP and are unable to attend, please change your RSVP when you know you can't make it, even if it’s the same day as the event. Please review our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/tampa-bay-agile/pages/23916690/Code_of_Conduct/) before joining. *** RE: DIRECTIONS AND PARKING If you’re traveling west of Westshore BLVD on Kennedy BLVD as you approach Microsoft, make sure to turn left on S. Hoover BLVD (there's a traffic light). Otherwise, you may inadvertently take the Howard Frankland Bridge to St. Petersburg. Going south on Hoover BLVD: Take the first right on Bay Center DR Near the end of the block is a parking garage on your left Turn left into the garage Also, if you’re using Google Maps, the map incorrectly shows the location of Microsoft as being in the parking garage. The Microsoft offices are much nicer (on the 7th floor) and just west of the garage. There is a pin on Google Maps that says, “World Wide Technology.” That’s the place. There is also an outside parking area and a walkway from the covered garage to the office building. Any unmarked spaces or spaces marked "Microsoft" are open for your parking convenience.

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