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We meet monthly to escape shallow, petty talk for a safe harbor to ponder broad, complex yet practical subjects. We expect members to support opinions and use logic in conclusions, but expect all present to keep the meeting FUN for all. We teach, and don't scold. We expect the conversation to move without getting stuck so sometimes, we are forced to “agree to disagree” and move on.

We arrive and parts friends. There are no personal attacks, but each IDEA goes under the microscope. Members agree, others disagree, often with enthusiasm! We have no gates, and no gatekeepers. All are welcome and we tolerate no personal attacks, sarcasm, or even indirect denigration. IDEAS RULE and stand on their own.

Finally, we are “thinkers”, not “doers”. Go forth to take action. Come, join us, participate, learn, exercise your brain, but mostly HAVE FUN.

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Who and What are the Most Important? A Look Back Could Help Us Go Forward.

Let's escape from the present and look into the past. Who was the most important or influential person of all time? Some of the possibilities: Socrates, Julius Caesar, Jesus, Leonardo daVinci, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Madame Curie, Hitler. Do some research and be prepared to tell us your WHO and WHY. Some sites to check: https://wealthygorilla.com/most-influential-people/ https://historycollection.co/40-of-the-most-influential-people-of-all-time/40/ ******************************************************************************** What was the most important invention? A few years ago, there was a poll, and the printing press was chosen. However, many other nominations were: the combustion engine/automobile, telephone/telegraph, wheel, fire, computers, airplanes, internet. A few places to start your research: https://www.livescience.com/33749-top-10-inventions-changed-world.html https://bigthink.com/paul-ratner/top-20-greatest-inventions-of-all-time https://www.history.com/news/11-innovations-that-changed-history Be ready to tell us your WHAT and WHY. ******************************************************************************** We can also discuss what was the most important period in human history if we have time. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Crusades, Renaissance, Age of Exploration, Age of Enlightenment , Industrial Revolution, Contemporary Period (or some other time). We will probably be online again. Check back for the link.

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What will Change After Covid 19?

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