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Cultural Stereotypes: Is there more of it in the current political environment?

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One definition of cultural stereotypes:
As human beings, we naturally evaluate everything we come in contact with. We especially try to gain insight and direction from our evaluations of other people. Stereotypes are "cognitive structures that contain the perceiver's knowledge, beliefs, and expectations about human groups" (Peffley et al., 1997, p. 31). These cognitive constructs are often created out of a kernel of truth and then distorted beyond reality (Hoffmann, 1986). Racial stereotypes are constructed beliefs that all members of the same race share given characteristics. These attributed characteristics are usually negative (Jewell, 1993).

Bring your examples/experiences of cultural stereotypes!

Current implications:
Race: It seems that many stereotypes and prejudices are running amuck is the current divisive political climate. Racial stereotypes, especially involving African Americans and people of Hispanic origins have resurfaced and are influencing politics and government, especially immigration policies and police responses.

Religion: Differences in religions have always been problematic, despite our country's origins in religious freedom. Now bombings of mosques have become almost routine, and we limit people coming from primarily Muslim counties. It also seems that anti-Semitism is on the rise since conservatives have become more numerous is the government. Are these attitudes because the religions are outside of Christianity? Or is there something deeper, such as differences in skin color and traditions that are from a different "tribe"?

Gender: Women's movements, such as the current MeToo, have drawn attention to attitudes. Both sexual harassment and intellectual condensation are being scrutinized and hopefully not tolerated. But we all know that many men continue to harbor these negative attitudes, but are becoming aware that they aren't acceptable, so keep them under wraps.

Additionally, there are now many types of gender identity. It seems this is one area where our society is becoming more accepting of differences. Now people may be learning that it isn't really important/dangerous to our well-being to care who our neighbors sleep with. However, conservative courts continue to allow companies to be restrictive based on religion tenants.(Such as the recent Supreme Court ruling about the gay wedding cake).

The hopeful aspect of these issues is the outrage against them. There was The Women's March on Washington, Black Lives Matter, Me Too, etc.
And now the left and progressives are publicly rejecting some of the more conservative politicians and their spokespeople. However, is that too much?

Can we return to "agreeing to disagree" without the animosity?