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The Group name "Itadakimasu" literally means “I humbly receive (this meal).” It is used to show gratitude for the food. A more informal translation equates it with "Let's Eat!" or "Bon Appetite".

The Itadakimasu Meet-Up Group is for all people who enjoy Japanese culture and tradition especially as it is expressed through food. We will have lunch and dinner meetings with food ranging from very traditional fare, social foods such as izakaya (pub food) and contemporary offerings. Sushi and Sashimi are part of most Japanese meals but there is much more to enjoy as well . We will have themed meals, visit local restaurants and do potluck parties.

If you enjoy Japanese food (or would like to try it) we hope you can join us at our next event.

Past events (114)

Dinner at Kazu's Sushi

Kazu's Sushi


4037 Dolphin Dr

Dinner at Toki Japanese Restaurant

Toki Japanese Restaurant


4037 Dolphin Dr


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