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What we’re about

Welcome to Tampa Tantra For Men!
We are a Meetup group of 1000+ men aged 21+ in the Tampa area seeking to energize our lives through the transformative power of Tantra and Consensual Touch.


We gather as a group about every 4 weeks in downtown Tampa to learn about, and share, the liberating experience of touch and the intoxicating power of our male erotic energy. 
Membership is free. You must be a member in order to attend any of the workshops.
(While we are a private group, we are not an anonymous group. When you apply for membership or RSVP for a Meetup, please check to make certain your profile is showing a clear face photo!)

Our group is growing quickly as more men in Tampa, St. Pete and the region — including those who identify as heterosexual but have lingering curiosity and interest in exploring erotic energy with men — feel the need for greater exploration and fulfillment in their lives.

The practice of Tantra is spreading rapidly across North America and there are some misleading representations equating Tantra with sex.
One interpretation we accept is that Tantra is not about sex but rather the use of conscious touch and moving energy as a path to meditation, a dissolving a feeling of separateness which ultimately creates a union between the “self” and pure consciousness, God.
We believe society, at large, has lost almost all understanding of the joys and importance of physical touch. As babies, the first primal way we find comfort is through skin-on-skin contact with our mothers. We learn that caressing and touch provide comfort.
As we become adults, however, that nurturing touch and contact with others lessens. A quick handshake here, a quick hug there. Sex becomes a hurried event.
As adults, we enjoy very little extended touch which, studies show, release an important feel-good hormone called oxytocin. Worse, today's men learned as boys to hide — even be ashamed of — self-touch for the purpose of pleasure.
Tantra teaches us how to get past all that and enjoy both receiving — and giving — touch as a means to elevating our erotic energies and locating deeper levels of pleasure, leading to a more purposeful passionate life.

We believe all men — and especially men who identify as curious, bisexual or gay — have an instinctual need for bonding with other men.
Our members-only Meetups provide a safe, comfortable and educational experience for interested men to explore the pleasures to be achieved through man-on-man sensual touch.
Our guided, two-hour gatherings also allow the opportunity for participants to interact and bond with a number of different men — thereby exploring the power of touch fully.
Our group's core belief is that neither an erection nor ejaculation is necessary for a man to achieve and enjoy exhilarating erotic pleasure. This is sensual, not sexual.
Further, we believe and teach that there are many techniques to stimulate erotic energy that many men haven't yet learned how to master, including the use of our breath, sound, intention, and movement.
We teach members how to explore their body, and their partner's body, to find previously unknown pleasure zones.
Join us for a workshop to discover the power of Tantra for yourself!

While members of this group may exchange touch and share ideas and techniques regarding Tantra, we do not offer massage instruction, diagnosis or medical advice. Consult a licensed massage therapist, massage school, doctor or other health care practitioner for these purposes.
Any fees charged/love donations received for meetings are for the use of meeting space, for supplies, promotional costs, and for the facilitation of meetings, educational growth experiences and men's group dynamics.
Therapeutic massage and instruction in therapeutic massage are not provided by this group.