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What we’re about

What is tango?

Argentine tango is an improvised social dance that emerged in Buenos Aires and Montevideo at the turn of the 20th century. Often hailed as sensual, passionate, dramatic and dangerous, the true beauty of Argentine tango lies in its accessibility. In essence little more than walking in someone else’s arms, the dance offers something for practitioners of all ages and physical abilities. Indeed, tango communities the world over are notable for their intergenerational character. At the same time, the practice of tango affords infinite room for growth, complexity and refinement. Utterly simple and endlessly challenging, Argentine tango is a social activity that can be a lifelong one.

What is the purpose of this meetup?

We gather information about opportunities to learn and dance tango in the Philadelphia area. From free beginner trial classes to a once-yearly four-day tango festival, we offer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to learn and enjoy tango.

(Thanks to anthropologist Carolyn Merritt for the great description of tango included above.)

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