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Donna Gentile, a young high profile prostitute, caught in a triangle scandal between the power of two San Diego policemen, the Lieutenant who she cared for and the Patrolman who she feared. As a result of her court testimony they were fired. Her life became furthered complicated when the Internal Affairs division exploited her as a police corruption informant. It was March 1985 when she predicted her own murder on a tape given to CBS. The high profile story was nationally televised and in June she was found murdered with gravel stuffed in her mouth. Her autopsy is the first to be sealed in the city of San Diego. Why?

The Donna Gentile Story" is the author's first publication within the genre of true crime. It is a true story, a story of tragedy, the story of a first cousin, a young woman, loving and kind, but silenced, abandoned when she speaks of her hardships at home, from there to prostitution, exploitation, and death, a murder never resolved. Anita DeFrancesco has also written her own true story. She is the author of "Live Free — Re-create And Liberate Your Life," her own journey, a return from devastation, a return from the brutality of a sexual assault. Anita lives, writes, and speaks as a woman who has not only survived her own challenges but has also grown from it and re-created her life journey. She has used her painful and tragic experience to help other women and girls. Her extensive service includes UCLA/The Rape Foundation, Santa Monica College, Widener University, The Boys and Girls Club, Amity Foundation, Amistad de Los Angeles, The Clare Foundation, Share, DiDi Hirsch, and many others including LA's "Children of the Night," founded by Dr. Lois Lee, an organization that rescues child prostitutes from pimps and organized child sex traffickers. Early on Anita created a drug-free group for teenagers called RAP.
A two-time nationwide award-winning journalist, she has been a columnist for Century City News in Los Angeles. She produced her own cable television and radio shows. Currently living in Philadelphia, Penn., Anita is an author, teacher, actress, therapist, and world traveler. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and is an active member of SAG/AFTRA. She teaches Yoga and is the founder of Tantra Wisdom, offering regular classes on bonded relationships based on love, connection, and spirituality.