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What we’re about

Hello! I know you will feel welcome when you visit or join our group to learn the basics and more about EFT (emotional freedom technique), more recently called "Tapping". With a Certified Level Two EFT coach and fun-loving guide, we observe and experience results using this revolutionary technique in "real time".

You will benefit by attending if anything is keeping you from something you want to do, think or feel. Men and women alike love this - it isn't 'talking about feelings', it is focusing and removing the negative charge of a thought that may be keeping you from enjoying life in any way. The results truly are amazing.

So if you are joining us for the first time and you are new to Tapping, perhaps start by working on a craving, or a small challenge you want to solve with EFT. Another example is a kink in your neck or needing to be more refreshed and creative at work. By the way, I am also a certified Career Counselor and former Registered Massage Therapist (20 yrs). Try not to bring a big challenge! If it does become bigger than you thought, it will be fine. Be prepared to see people change before your eyes. .. in a good way.  Get ready for an exciting journey!

Group goal: to ‘meetup’ and experience the fun and benefits of EFT. I will guide the group.

MY GOAL: To  participate in a group because usually I just do this on my own or with one client.

I have been practicing and learning for 16 years however EFT is new for many people. Students with whom I attended training courses tend to have medical, social work or dentistry backgrounds. Athletes, coaches and even soccer/hockey moms and dads use it with first aid. Researched and developed in the United States and now in peer reviewed journals, the learning manuals are translated into many languages in order to make this available to people around the globe who need it. We learn more each time we use it. Keep in mind that although the technique works every time and it is a seriously effective tool for us; there are no known side effects.

How to become a member: Please provide a profile picture of yourself and your name. It is the only requirement to become a member.

We want to keep vitality and integrity in our group! In order to help us get the people who really have a keen interest in getting together, members who are inactive for more than 5 meetups without offering some feedback could be removed ... feel free to join again!

If you come to realize that the group is not for you, we understand and will not be offended. Feel free to join again when you're ready. It would be interesting to build a group that has many cultural perspectives as well as life experiences.

Feel free to contact me and thank you to those of you who joined so quickly! I hope to see you soon!

Colleen Voisin