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This group is for people interested in Tarot and energy healing. The newbie and the experienced alike are welcome.

We will be about discussing and learning about different energy healing and energy reading modalities, and taking those modalities and blending them together with Tarot. That's a pretty big umbrella, and we'll touch on Reiki, meditation, song, Earth energy, working with your angels and guides, chakras and auras, protection, cords and curses, and clearing up the soul for some joyful flow.

We will be learning different types of Tarot readings and how to create your own spreads so that you can get more of out your cards in a personal way for you. These spreads include messages from your angels, guides, ancestors, ascended masters, the Divine/God/dess, your higher self, spirit animal guide, etc. It also includes chakras, past lives, how to deal with unwanted entities and spirits, etc.

We will also talk about DISCERNMENT and intuition; about how to discern what is your intuition (aka the Holy Spirit, or whatever you wish to call it), vs your own thoughts, and how mental health disorders plays a role in all this. We will also have a crunchy side dish of ethics.

Not only that, but this also going to be about how you can use your cool intuitive spiritual knowledge and abilities in the real world. That it's more than just something you do separate from the rest of your life, that it's all a part of your life.

My name is Ruth ~ Lady of Radiant Joy. I am certified as both a Reiki Master Teacher (3 years) and a Motoki practitioner (lvl 2, 1 year).* I have been using Tarot seriously for about two years (self taught from books and a Udemy course, before that I was just a dabbler). I adore Tarot and often when I do a reading I see energy healing that needs to be done to help the querent! Energy is energy. It doesn't matter the size of the veins they're all connected to the main arteries! Thus, I'm a bit of a "Jill of all trades" in the intuitive energy healing/reading world, and it's awesome. I believe we all have the potential if we choose to tap into it.

My job will be to facilitate learning from one another and to create safe space, with a side order of fun while keeping it real. Suggestions and questions are always welcome!

*See pics for my Reiki lineage and certificates, and Moto-ki certificate, under my legal name Ruth Renate Davidson (or shortened to, Ruth R. Davidson).

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Tarot Special Topics Series! Reversals.

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Second (2nd) Saturday of every month this year I will be covering a special topic, starting in February. Here is the schedule:

  1. Jan: Tarot Every Damn Day (this one is on the 22nd)
  2. Feb: The Western Elements in the Tarot
  3. Mar: Psychic Protection with Tarot
  4. Apr: Court Cards, demystified (hopefully)
  5. May: Numerology in Tarot
  6. Jun: Tropical/Western Astrology in Tarot
  7. Jul: Western Chakra Healing with Tarot
  8. Aug: Animal Symbology in the Smith-Waite/RWS
  9. Sep: The Cards in Obstacle & Solution position
  10. Oct: Past Life Readings with Tarot
  11. Nov: Reiki Principles in the Cards (you do NOT need to know Reiki for this)
  12. Dec: Reversals, yes? no? maybe so?

NOTE: I am working on finding a Jewish Qabbalist to teach us more about the Qabbalah

What do you need?
Your favorite deck! One based on RWS is preferred such as Radiant Wise Spirit, Universal Waite, Smith-Waite. Resources are on my resource blog: www.ladyofradiantjoy.org

There are also really good free Tarot apps if you don't have a deck. My two favorites are:
Galaxy Tarot for Android and Kindle
Tarot & Numerology on iPhone

Suggested donation is $20. Donations go toward zoom fees, meetup fees, hosting fees, and, if I'm lucky, my time.

Interested youth are welcome!

PayPal: [masked]
VenMo: @ladyofradiantjoy
CashApp: $ladyofradiantjoy
Please use the friends/family option since these are donations, not a formal fee requirement.
Etsy gift cards are also okay using my email: [masked]

Quick about me: I have been a professional Tarot reader since June 2018, and a Reiki Master since March 2016. I have an MA in Education. Find out more at www.ladyofradiantjoy.org

*I also do private readings for a time-based fee.

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