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What we’re about

I spent 12-12-12 on a mountain top in Sedona, Arizona. As we brought in the new... a Spiritual Advisor /Shaman walked straight up to me (seemingly on the air as I stood at the edge of a cliff). He was tall, thin and with long flowing hair. I listened as the soft drumming and flutist created song for us to gently drift off. I immediately went into a trans as he spoke to me.

  "It is time, you are ready and you must do what you are to do. You must bring in the new, you must bring in the new"

Yes, there are many of us, and we are all to bring in the new.   I am to teach and to help the new come in.   We are all learning. If this is you, please come and join our group as we learn about healing, Reiki, healing aspects of crystals and gemstones, using L-Rods or Pendulums to locate lost items, energy fields, Lay Lines - we have tons of Lay Lines across this area, there is so much to learn, I can't even begin to express all of what I long to teach.

I am located at Valley Circle and Roscoe - so I'm in the west end of the West Valley.  I have a medicine wheel that is up in the mountains above my home.  I want to take people on a hike.  The medicine wheel is just partially there - it needs healing, but you can see that large rocks are set in such a fashion that they face the elemental directions.  This is within walking distance of my home.  And there is a sacred set of caves that is a short 7 min drive from my house.  I love to hike and I hope that you do too.  It is so important for us to come back and learn how to be one with the land again. 

 First off, my home is located on blessed land that the Chumash thrived on for 8,000 years. My house is haunted, in a good way. We have many wonderful spirits that come and go. All good, all healers, this is a home of healing. You have to be ok with that. There will be the odd footsteps walking about. People who have the gift of sight will be able to see them - they are all over. And they are all good.  They are attracted to the energy here,  I have lay-lines that cross my property. This is a spiritual place of healing, of awakening, and of learning. 

Most of the healing is done upstairs so there will be a flight of stairs to go up for healing. 

Please come and join us.