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This is a group that has dinners in restaurants. While there is a number of vegan and raw groups, our focus is a little different. We are looking to have events at restaurants that will provide vegan and raw options at our events. It may not always be possible to have a raw option but that is one of our goals. We also host potlucks where all are welcome.

Another one of our goals is to have events at restaurants thay may not be only vegetarian/vegan or raw. We would like to show the traditional types of restaurants that there is a market for vegan and/or raw food and that it should be easy to incorporate into their regular menu.

We are an inclusive group so that means whether you are 100% raw vegan or a 0% vegetarian and you eat meat, you are still invited and welcome to our events.

We strive to have the events be fun, affordable and delicious.

We will have some rules to this group as well. They will be living rules and will chamge as we see fit to change them. Please realize that these rules apply to everyone, not just the person sitting next to you! ;-)

We will be doing an event a month (hopefully). If we get ambitious we may do more. We will be looking for some volunteer help the day of the event too. It would be great if you could assist.

We will primarily have events in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. If you have places that you would like to see an event held by our group, please give us the owner's name, contact information, and address. We are not opposed to going to the suburbs, but we want to go where we can get a good turnout as well since we are volunteers and want to maximize our efforts.

Some events will be purely social events, other events may have a speaker and/or demonstration. We will try to keep it varied so it is interesting.

Please read the rules we have posted on the message board.

Thanks for joining us and hope you enjoy our group!

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Valentine's Eve Favorite VEGAN South Indian Buffet at Mysore Woodlands

RSVP ASAP, thank you. $10 Cash, pay at door. This is an Open Buffet - VEGAN Valentine's Eve (Hug Day) South Indian Feast for only $10 Cash, pay at door. Arrive anytime between 6:00PM and let's say 8:45PM on Valentine's Eve to celebrate Hug Day and enjoy a complete VEGAN South Indian Buffet dinner. Let's fill the house, again! Schedule: 6:00PM, Doors open, mingle, grab a seat, pay $10 Cash, have a beverage 6:30PM, Buffet opens 9:00PM, Buffet closes Share and invite your Facebook friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/278978432793907/ Please understand that we are giving the restaurant a firm commitment, and if you DO NOT CANCEL your RSVP on or before February 11th, you are committed to paying for your full reservation, including guests. Spice up your Valentine's Eve with new taste sensations as Mysore Woodlands prepares a selection of signature Valentine's themed dishes, done totally vegan. Most every dish is gluten free as well. Hooray! We're back to Mysore Woodlands and it's Valentine's Eve, aka Hug Day. The food will be a wonderful collection of Valentine's themed South Indian specialties done totally VEGAN! The price, with tax and tip included, is $10 cash, pay at the door. YOU READ THAT RIGHT, THE DINNER IS $10 TOTAL, CASH. We will start serving approximately 6:30 PM, and continue through 9 PM, everything served buffet style. Appetizers: -Crunchy Dry soya nuggets sautéed with Garlic Bell pepper, perking up your lips with garlic, ginger and green peppers (GF) -Stimulating Mixed Veggie Pakoras (GF) -Spice it up with Assorted Chutneys (GF) -Heart warming Sambar (lentil sweet&sour soup) (GF) Entrées: -Root Vegetable Lover's Manioc Curry with spinach (cooked in coconut milk) (GF) -Earthly Impulses of Aloo Baigan (potato and eggplant cooked with tomato)(GF) -Luv u Mixed Beans Curry (GF) -Make me Strong Vegetable Couscous -Sweetheart Kashmiri Pulav -Assorted Dosas, filled with love (GF) -Assorted Uthapams of my dreams (GF) Beverage: -Iced Tea or Lemonade -BYOB Dessert: -Will Surprise it Please join us for a fun evening with good conversation, and fantastic vegan South Indian cuisine. NOTE: You are committed to pay fo your RSVP whether you attend or not, unless you cancel before 6PM, February 11th. This includes you and any guests included in your RSVP. We are committing to the restaurant. We do this to keep the cost low. Thank you for your understanding.

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Time to try Tasty Vietnamese at Nha Trang on Argyle St!!!

Nha Trang Restaurant


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