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Couples group open to all couples, married or not. Largest and most active couples group in the area. Meet and make friends with other couples in the Twin Cities area! Most our couples are professionals. But all types of couples are welcome, there is no age requirement.

We run a SAFE group, thus we look at your profile and need to approve you. We are unlike OTHER much larger groups that only care about numbers.
We MANAGE our group to keep everyone safe.

We have group events that include wine events, bar meets and other events. Our goal is try new places, meet new people and have new experiences. Because we are trying new places, every location may not be a winner, but we tried and will pick something different for the next time. Most of our events are very casual and meant to be a gathering to have a good time and meet other people.

We limit our events to usually under 30 people so we can meet and get to know you and introduce you to others in the group that simply does not happen in larger group events. At all our events the host will personally meet and welcome you to the group which rarely happens in other groups.

We make name tags for you and your guests and will always have signs and usually a reserved area. Unlike some groups that pick and place and time and just see who shows up.

We have a simple no-show policy. If something happens and you can not make an event change your status to not attending. It takes under a minute and is simply good manners. If you have 2 no-shows in six months you will be removed from the group.

And the greatest thing... it don't Cost NUTHIN!

If you have ideas for events, let us know! We are always looking for new activities and place.

Thanks for joining and welcome,

Dennis & Ellen

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90+ Spanish Wine & Tapas Pairing

MN Wine Club

We tried to have this be a couple only event but since not a single couple signed up we are opening it up to singles too in The MN Wine Club. We are starting a monthly food & wine pairing event. At the event, every couple will bring a wine and a Hors D’oeuvre based on the theme. We will be hosting the first tasting Saturday Jan 19th, 2019. The theme will be Spanish 90+ rated Wines & Tapas. The group size will be ten couples max. The reason: ten couples fit nicely in most people’s house and at an ounce a piece (a normal wine tasting), everyone can taste every wine. For wines, we would like Spanish wines rated at 90+ under $20. Follow the link to 55 such wines at Total Wine. https://www.totalwine.com/wine/red-wine/c/000009?state=spain&ratingrange=90-93&viewall=true For each wine, Total Wine has 3-4 sentences on each wine for you to present. No, you don’t need to buy from Total Wine but they make it easy to get good quality wines at a reasonable price, with information about the wine. The food theme is Spanish Tapas which pairs with Spanish wine. A Tapa is a small piece of food the Spanish place on top of their wine glass to keep the flies out. There are a thousand Tapa recipes on Google, pick one. We’d also like to hear a sentence or two on the Tapa you brought. So, each couple needs to bring one bottle of a 90+ rated, under $20 Spanish Wine and Tapas for 20 people. We ask that you post your wine and recipe on this website or email us at [masked] when you choose your wine and Tapa so we don’t get duplicates The event is very simple. Ten couples getting together at our place at 7 PM. Starting 7:10 every ten minutes we will taste a wine and a Tapa until about 9. We have over five years’ experience in wine events. We know the issues and have simple rules. 1. If you cancel or no show with less than a week’s notice you will be out of the group for six months. 2. If you have drama or issues the same will apply. We want to meet other couples and try some great wine and food. We are hosting at our place in New Brighton in the North Metro. The actual address will be emailed the week of the event. We are looking for monthly hosts, you simply need to supply the venue. Dennis & Ellen

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