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The Twin Cities .NET User Group meets to discuss a wide range of topics of interest to .NET developers. Unless otherwise noted, we meet at the ILM office in Edina on the first Thursday of each month. Everyone interested in learning more about .NET-related technologies is welcome to attend.

Pizza and beverages are always provided by our friends at ILM (http://ilmservice.com/). Doors open at 5, pizza should arrive shortly thereafter. The presentation starts at 5:30. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming events (5+)

Advanced Typescript Features

ILM Office

--UPDATE, PLEASE NOTE CHANGES BELOW-- Due to weather, we have moved tonight's meeting to the 28th of February. We will see you then. There is no meeting for tonight, 2/7/2019. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Speaker: Joe DeCock, Principal, ILM Professional Services Typescript makes writing code for the browser a lot more comfortable for developers who like static type checking. It manages to do that in a way that embraces the dynamic nature of javascript and "Just Do What I Mean" most of the time. But how does it really accomplish that? Let's explore some of the more unusual features of Typescript's type system and find out. We'll look at real world examples from popular libraries like lodash and angular while we cover the following topics: Union Types Narrowing and User defined Type Guards Overloading Functions Index Signatures Mapped Types Generic Type Constraints

Improving Web Performance from Robert Boedigheimer

This session starts with a traditional web page and shows step by step how to improve its performance and user experience! Discover performance techniques that everyone should use, then learn techniques that differ when targeting HTTP 1.1 vs. HTTP/2. Review tools that can help identify and validate sound performance best practices. Explore how to defer resource requests with lazing loading, asynchronous loading, and postponing 3rd party tag requests. Many other performance boosting techniques will also be discussed, which can reduce response time while also boosting the scalability and reliability of your site. Learn the techniques that can have the largest impact on web performance with the least amount of work. Speaker: Robert Boedigheimer Principal Systems Developer Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwans Shared Services, LLC providing business solutions with web technologies. Robert has been developing web sites for the past 23 years. He is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, a Progress Developer Expert (Fiddler), a Pluralsight author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert regularly speaks at national and international events.

Discover Grid

ILM Office

Speaker: Jacqueline Quintanilla, Frontend Engineer CSS Grid is here! Finally, we can build flexible, accessible, and dynamic layouts without all of the tricks, hacks, or complicated frameworks. In this session, you’ll get a taste of the potential CSS Grid opens up, learn the basics of this new layout model, and modernize your web layout game. Explore this new world of layout possibilities and start getting comfortable with CSS Grid.

The Developer's Guide to Selling Your Work from Todd Gardner

A few years ago, I had an idea to make the web better. It was going to be great, and I had the team to build it. Nine months of late nights and lost weekends later, we launched it! The problem: no one cared. A brilliant project isn't enough. I had to spread my vision, which was difficult for a developer like me. I learned quickly that even the best ideas needed to be sold. I had to build an audience, tell a story, and win over customers. Join me for a developer's guide to marketing. I'll share hard-fought lessons on page design, social networking, advertising, and analytics that will help you bring your ideas to the world. Speaker: Todd Gardner Aspiring digital comedian & occasional JavaScript developer. I cofounded TrackJS and produce PubConf Todd Gardner is a curmudgeon of a developer and cofounder of [TrackJS](https://trackjs.com/), where he helps thousands of developers find and fix bugs in their web apps. He believes in simple tools and systems over trends, and testing balanced against risk. He is also the producer and host of [PubConf developer afterparty](https://pubconf.io/). You can find him online at TODD.MN (yes, that’s his website). Ask him about craft beer, cool pubs, and maintainable software.

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