Modernize my Compute: Compute Options in Azure


Azure started as a Platform as a Service with Cloud Services, but since it launched has evolved to include several newer and very useful options for compute. Depending on your hosting model and how you do DevOps, requirements for scalability and availability you have tradeoffs that affect your long term costs and decision. We will explore the options for compute in Azure including IaaS, Application Services, Serverless with Functions, and dedicated Virtual Machines. It will help you understand the tradeoffs and help you make smart decisions on what makes the most sense to ensure you can maximize the return on your investment.

Our March speaker is Mike Benkovich, Microsoft MVP

This is an MDC Preview Event. Come for a chance to win a free ticket to MDC ( as well as licenses from our partners at JetBrains and OzCode!

Doors open at 5:00, speaker at 5:30.