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This meetup is for bringing together the people interested in crafting better ways of working for Agile teams. It is about taking learnings from the stories of success and failure, also about pushing the boundaries of the existing approaches and breaking rules.

We want to listen to the perspectives of team leaders and managers in tech, agile coaches, individual contributors and non-technical stakeholders.

If you have a suggestion or a topic you want to share, please send a message to info@teamleadsky.com

Recordings of the past talks are available at https://teamleadsky.com/talks

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The Self-reflective Retrospective 💡

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Retrospectives can be a great opportunity for a team to reflect on the deliverable and the ways of working. Is it just that, though? Could we extend the purpose of the Retrospective to a more self-reflective direction? Let's explore how a team used an overwhelming impediment to promote a mindset change.

Faye is an MSc Backend Engineer whose heart was stolen by Agile. With years of experience in the Software Industry in leading teams and executives towards achieving their full potential. As an Agile Coach, her motto is “Software projects are People projects too” and she strongly believes that by fostering a creative and supporting culture, we can achieve astonishing results. She is passionate about making workplaces joyful, assisting people in developing meaningful working relationships, and all these by coaching teams and executives on Agile principles, practices, and values.


How did a Retrospective go wrong? 💥

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There is nothing wrong with failing at a Retrospective if we turn the failure into a learning experience. Often we have to uncover the things that don’t work to ultimately figure out what works best. Yamini Hundare will be sharing her experience acquired through failing at a Retrospective. Though failing might not be the right word - rather gaining insights from the Retrospective that didn’t go as expected.

Scrum Master by profession, an entrepreneur at heart. Yamini Hundare loves to write about Agile mindset and she is also an author of books for children. Yamini is a mother of two children and is fortunate to have a supportive spouse. She has been studying cultural differences for the past two years, being herself from India and living in the Netherlands.


Data-driven Online Retrospectives💎

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Remote work adds new challenges to facilitating efficient Agile Retrospectives. How do you make sure that every team member is heard? How to support team focus on eliminating persisting issues? How to measure progress? And how to provide transparency to the participants and leadership?

Today we will see a demo on facilitating data-driven Retrospectives for remote teams.

We will use Teamleadsky Online Retrospective Tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03yh7ZL6jCA
and coaching process designed specifically for remote and mixed teams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5SJPpkwj40

What's Retro got to Doodle with it?✏️

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This talk will explore how we create an immersive retrospective experience for those we work with, by introducing graphic and visual facilitation techniques.

During the discussion, we will discuss what approaches and methods I use for creating these experiences and for keeping attendees engaged in this increasingly remote working world. In addition, we will review some of the most popular board designs I've shared to date, including Harry Potter and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Steven Sampson-Jones is a digital transformation and agile delivery specialist with experience of major government programmes. He has led the product development of Universal Credit, the UK Government’s reform of its welfare system, scaling the iterative and user-centric approach through to 6 million customers, including withstanding a 500% increase in demand during the early stages of the pandemic.

Steven is an enthusiastic doodler, who sketches bespoke materials for his workshops, which he uses for illustration, coaching, teaching and facilitation.


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