What we're about

Tech Hub and Startup Incubator Meetup - Milwaukee is focused on facilitating and implementing scalable ideas, ventures and startups located in the Milwaukee metro area.

We are a community for entrepreneurs, founders, investors, developers, designers, programmers, lawyers, project managers, engineers, bankers, marketers, architects, accountants, doctors, idea-ists, scientists, data experts and all whose expertise are useful for the launching of a scalable successful business enterprise.

We are meetup for people looking to have significant impact on the world. Join us and meetup with like-minded individuals to network, collaborate, present, and explore business possibilities. Benefit from our collective intelligence network. Attain synergy by having your ideas reviewed by experts from several fields. Improve your communication abilities by presenting and "pitching" your venture to the group.

We intend to do more than be a business referral or networking spot. We intend to be more than a discussion group for general business topics. We are not here to discuss topics like: "21 ways to grow your business" or "Seven top reasons why businesses fail". That is for forums like WBBIC, SCORE etc.

Here we are project and venture oriented. Our discussion and activities shall be focused on making specific projects and ventures succeed. For example, if we have chosen to work on a biotech startup. Our discussion and activities shall be focused on making that startup a success. People with financial expertise among us shall collaborate with the founders to draw up a feasible business plan. Lawyers among us shall draw up relevant legal contracts and agreements. Web developers and designers among us shall build the web platform of the startup. Marketers among us shall develop and implement a marketing plan for the startup. Investors among us shall provide seed funding for the startup.

Over time, the meetup shall compose of several teams centred around specific ventures and projects.

When we achieve critical mass, we shall build strategic partnerships with:

- universities (eg MSOE, Marquette, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin - Madison)

- Development Authorities (eg MEDC, WHEDA, WEDA)
- governmental entities (eg City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee county etc)
- banks
- small business support organizations (eg SBA, WBBIC, SCORE etc)

- Business and Technology Parks (eg Whitewater University Technology Park - Innovation Center, Milwaukee County Research Park Corporation etc)

Are you ready for your next adventure? Join us!

Past events (2)

Monthly Innovators meetup

Gravity Connect

Monthly Innovators meetup

Gravity Connect