What we're about

We wanna learn tech faster and more effectively with English!

If you can listen and talk in English well? you would be able to understand original purposes and attractions of technologies that you wanna know more deeper.

So let's try to improve your English skill from now! 🙌

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英語に触れるはじめの一歩。そして、毎日の散歩もダッシュもマラソンも、みんなで 英語 x tech を実践していきましょう!🙌

ハッシュタグ: #TechLearnEng

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Water Cooler Conversation #32 by #TechLearnEng

Online event

* English description is below Japanese one

✅Tech Learn w/Englishが開催する英会話カフェ「Water Cooler Conversation」です。





✅"Water Cooler Conversation" is a kind of online English Conversation Cafes presented by Tech Learn w/English.

💻It's an online chatting event and easy to join. All attendees will talk in English. Feel free to join us. You may enter and leave as you please.

🔍We are happy to give you the place where only English is used to output your English.

🔰This event is mainly for Beginner, but we are welcome Intermediate, Expert here. Please support Beginner.

- Only English is used (No Japanese)
- No making fun of Beginner English
- No All Harassment
- No Soliciting

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Water Cooler Conversation #31 by #TechLearnEng

Online event

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