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An Evening of Computer Films with Ken Knowlton: Thinking Machines (1959–1989)
• What we'll do An Evening of Computer Films with Ken Knowlton: Thinking Machines in the Computer Age (1959–1989) FULL DETAILS AND RSVP INFO HERE: Spring is right around the corner and we're gearing up to relaunch our Tech Tours programming where we visit locations and experiences that offer an informative, unique perspective on emerging technology, innovation and the future. For this excursion, we'll be attending a special, one-time only event, An Evening of Computer Films with Ken Knowlton, which is part of MoMa's exhibition, Thinking Machines: Art and Design in the Computer Age, 1959–1989. As technological innovation accelerates with the rise AI, 3D printing, quantum computing and other technologies, it becomes all the more important that we look back at how we've progressed to understand the complicated path of innovation throughout human history. Attending this presentation being given by Ken Knowlton who, as a member of the Bell Labs research team in 1963, developed the BEFLIX (Bell Flicks) programming language for bitmap computer-produced movies, is a rare opportunity to understand an exceptional era in computer innovation and is a reminder of the of the crucial role of the arts in science and technology innovation. [NOTE: Tickets go on sale March 12 at Moma's website. If you'd like us to remind you to purchase tickets, then go to the event page (link above) and click the "REMIND ME" button. Also, we'll keep you posted of any changes or news about the event.] About An Evening with Ken Knowlton: As a member of the Bell Labs research team from 1964 to 1982, Ken Knowlton was an instrumental figure in early computer animation. In 1964, Knowlton developed the BEFLIX programming language, one of the first designed specifically for rendering and animating images. During his tenure at Bell Labs, Knowlton created many computer images and films, usually in collaboration with other mathematicians, scientists, and visual artists. As a champion of computational art, Knowlton regularly encouraged artists to explore the medium and provided technical assistance, while they, in turn, impacted his own artistic output. One of his earliest works, Computer Nude (1967), made in collaboration with Leon Harmon, was featured in MoMA’s 1968 exhibition The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age. As part of the exhibition, Knowlton also hosted a screening of computer films by various artists working in this nascent form. Over the next few decades, he further developed BEFLIX and other languages for scientific applications while also collaborating with a wide variety of artists to help realize their visions. His impact still reverberates 50 years later. For this Modern Mondays evening, Ken Knowlton looks back on his career and those early days of computer animation. Original 16mm films by Knowlton and other artists will be screened, after which he will be joined by writer and critic Rebekah Rutkoff and MoMA associate media conservator Pete • What to bring • Important to know


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The year 2025, it turns out, is the year many experts predict may be a tipping point that ushers in a new era of innovation for our world. Within approximately 10 years, the most disruptive emerging technologies of our modern era, now in their infancy, will be "ready for prime time" and will change society, and how we define ourselves, in unimaginable ways. Are we ready for this seismic shift that will happen in the blink of an eye? Are these new technologies safe? Are we really aware of the challenges and opportunities that are ahead?

Now that we know Trump will be the 45th president, how will his policies impact how we adopt these emerging technologies (including developing legislation to support innovation, and real-world problems as a result of emerging technologies like the loss of millions of jobs forecasted by experts)?

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