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The Fulmo is back at TechCode:⚡ The Lightning Sessions #2: Zaps and Bolts! ⚡
Hosted by João Frederico G. from Bitcoin Lab Berlin, the #LightningSessions is a regular meetup that aims to give a better understanding of the (Bitcoin) Lightning Network. Together, we will explore the new possibilities and the emerging ecosystem. We'll have different guests that are working on building the Lightning Network protocol, Lightning Network implementations or different applications utilizing the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a "second layer" payment protocol that operates on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It enables fast transactions between participating nodes and is the most promising solution for the long-term scalability of Bitcoin. It features a peer-to-peer system for making micropayments of digital cryptocurrency through a network of bidirectional payment channels without delegating custody of funds. This is the second session. We will have two guest speakers: Rene Pickhardt just attended the Lightning Developer Summit in Adelaide where the new BOLT specifications were discussed. He will give an overview of the topics that were discussed and agreed upon to move Lightning development forward, e.g. dual funded channels, rendevouz routing, the splicing protocol and AMP routing. This will be in the format of a Q&A, so please familiarize yourself with the basics, e.g. here: Tom Kirkpatrick is the lead developer of the ZAP desktop wallet, He'll be sharing insights about building one of the most popular Lightning wallets and will also celebrate his 250th pull request. The meetup is inspired by the #LightningHackday and brought to you by You should have a basic understanding of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to get the most out of the meetup. All aboard, the ship is about to take off! ⚡ +++ Things to know +++ 1. All of our Path-to-China meetups are free and you can bring your friends and colleagues. 2. The meetup Language will be English. We can always switch to German if everyone's fine with it on that day. 3. Please arrive on time, we wont wait for late comers and if you show up late, you can not enter the building! So please try be there early and feel free to network with other China Fans or take a tour of our cozy space. +++ Feel like to host your own China-related meetup? +++ We are always happy to see new faces at TechCode Berlin. If you feel like to give a presentation, or share your own China experiences, or promote a non-profit project, feel free to contact us with details per Email to [masked]

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If you are a ...

• Startup Founder who are interested in entering China

• Entrepreneur & Business Owner who plan to expand and grow in the Chinese market

• China-related Business Professionals

• Or anyone who is just interested in learning more about the Middle Kingdom!

And you are looking for...

• Learning more about the opportunity in the largest single market in the world

• Reach out for customers and / or suppliers from China for your product

• Pitch investor and strategic partner for your new venture

• Connect with China experts & fans in Germany

• ... or just networking in the heart of Europe's "Startup Mecca"?

Then this group is right for you!

But... Why?

The task "Entering China" is a tough one, that’s for sure. And as if building a startup wouldn’t be already hard enough, the Chinese market holds some huge surprises and challenges in store, especially for western companies. This is why we founded TechCode - a global innovation eco-system connecting new ideas with China - spreading over 7 countries and 25 cities now and keep growing. We started in Berlin in 2015 and are now the No.1 hot-spot for China Business in the German capital. More about TechCode can be found on (

What you can expect?

Our events provide you with the chance to pitch your ideas and products on a regular basis in our cozy co-working space at Alexanderplatz. Sometimes there will be a special prize to win. Sometimes there will be investors scouting their new unicorns on the scene. Sometimes we just through in a traditional Chinese tea party. One thing remains the same though: you will always meeting with new people and business ideas around China. Keep an eye out for our latest event update and reach out!

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