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What we’re about

Helloooo there techie estate agents,

I’m a good estate agent, but now I’d rather focus on my customers, instead of my Boss. If that sounds like you, then you’re one of a kind of estate agent!

In fact, you’re not a typical estate agent at all. You’re a real estate entrepreneur in disguise and you’re just waiting for the right opportunity to start your own business!

Throughout the years, technology has changed our perspective of the world. Modern technology supplies us with fantastic resources that alter the way we live our everyday lives. Every human living in the western world has experienced technology as a utility. From devices such as laptops and phones, we are now living more productive lives.

Technology will take real estate by storm very soon and we want to be ready for that. There are over 800 Proptech business in the UK already.

We are a group of passionate tech real estate entrepreneurs that want to use this group to help each other to unleash our full potential and get the credit we deserve for our hard work.

This group is for all freelance estate agents in London, as well as those who are still working for a High Street chain or online agent today, but thinking of going freelance soon.

Simple truth: the more an estate agent can earn on a deal, the more s/he is motivated to get the best deal.

This is where we think both the High Street chains and online agents are going wrong. As a High Street agent, most of your commission goes straight to the company, which isn't exactly motivating. As an online agent, you get your fixed fee upfront, so there's no incentive to get a deal at all, let alone a good one!

This is where technology & freelancers like you can change the game! 

Using the property portals and other Proptech solutions, you can do everything the High Street agents do, but you will earn much more, even if you charge a bit less.

If you are highly motivated, you will deliver an excellent service, your client will refer you to his/her friends and your business will take off. It's all about motivation!

Interested? Come along to our next meet up and be inspired!

We look forward to seeing you soon.  

Edmond & Maarten