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The focus of this meetup group to accelerate the pace of getting to know really cool tech people in town. Join now and get the insider invites to our get togethers. Some are impromptu and some are planned. Our events focus on tech community networking, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and professional development.

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The emergence of Blockchain Consortia - RiskBlock, BiTA, MOBI, etc.

I am really excited to have Josh Cartellone speak at our next meetup (https://www.meetup.com/The-Columbus-Blockchain/). He is Digital Innovation Leader from Accenture and Account Lead for BiTA. He is going to share with us how these blockchain consortia are changing the technology and business landscape... There are two types of blockchain consortia: technology-based and industry-based. Technology-based blockchain consortia are focused on platforms, deriving standards, and advancing the technology to handle common pain points (i.e. interoperability, key management, and transaction volume). Industry-based blockchain consortia are focused on business transformation. In this meeting, we will discuss what these consortia are current up to, the path forward, and provide some lessons learned along the way. See you all next week.

Power BI March Madness!

Fusion Alliance

We have another fantastic meeting lined up with both Power BI and Machine Learning covered and even a little bit of IoT to spice things up! Robot IoT and Power BI Speakers: Kishan Wanigasinghe and Patrick Carfrey Learn how we have incorporated Power BI into our IoT (Internet of Things) project. We are building an autonomous vehicle comprised of an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, motors, and various sensors. Using Power BI, we have built a real-time data visualization dashboard to monitor the state of the vehicle. We would also like to share challenges we faced and lessoned learned. Rapidly Operationalizing Machine Learning Models Speaker: John Dages Machine learning is a transformative technology that empowers you to unlock predictive insights from complex data. Data science teams are continually developing new models, but most of these models never see production. In this presentation, we will look at a variety of approaches to rapidly operationalize machine learning models. We will explore the techniques, toolchains, and strategies available from public cloud, open-source, and commercial software. A technical demonstration will also be provided that walks you through the process of releasing a TensorFlow deep learning model to the public cloud provider of your choice. If we have time, we might cover: - For and While Loops in DAX - Previous Value ("Recursion") in DAX - TRANSPOSE and MMULT in DAX And, as always, join us after the meeting for Power Pint!

LOPSA Cbus: Cloud-first logging in AWS

Root Insurance

Description As we move organizations to the cloud how can we address the audit/security/operation needs of an organization without spending more on security controls then we need to. In this presentation, you will see some patterns that can be used to support the logging needs of a modern cloud-first organization. Including solutions for Audit log Retention, Alerting, Exploratory Data Analysis, and more. If you are new to logging in AWS, or if you looking for other alternatives ideas on logging please stop by for the presentation and the open Q/A after. RSVP here: https://lopsacbus20190326.eventbrite.com/ Agenda 6:00 PM - Introductions, food, drink, and networking 6:30 PM - Presentations begin The Location Root Insurance is hosting from their office at 80 East Rich Street in downtown Columbus. Parking is available in the Columbus Commons garage located at 55 E Rich St. Columbus, OH 43215. The event will take place on the fourth floor in the cafeteria. RSVP here: https://lopsacbus20190326.eventbrite.com/ About Jesse Jesse Bower is an experienced security professional with over 15 years of experience in systems engineering/administration, systems architecture, and control management. Including experience with multiple logging systems such as Graylog, Splunk, Qradar, syslog-ng, and rsyslog. About LOPSA We're often seeking sponsors and speakers. Please reach out if you're interested in collaborating on this or future events. To keep up to date with future meeting information, please subscribe to the LOPSA Columbus mailing list. RSVP here: https://lopsacbus20190326.eventbrite.com/

Agile Sashimi - DevOps/Systems Thinking: The Agile of Ops

The next Agile Sashimi is coming on March 28th! Our speaker will be Jason Blackhurst and he will be presenting his talk "DevOps/Systems Thinking: The Agile of Ops" . I think this is going to be a great topic and one that is highly applicable. Our sponsor for this is Agility Partners and we'll be at Rev1/Tech Elevator location.

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