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The focus of this meetup group to accelerate the pace of getting to know really cool tech people in town. Join now and get the insider invites to our get togethers. Some are impromptu and some are planned. Our events focus on tech community networking, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and professional development.

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Upcoming events (5)

Agile Coaching Circle

Online event

Join other experienced and aspiring agile coaches and professionals to:

- develop and practice your coaching skills in a peer-to-peer environment

- share current successes and challenges in your work environment and get support from each other

- learn from each other, build better relationships and experiment with new ideas

We'll be moving online for the foreseeable future. Link will be sent immediately before the event - keep an eye on your email!

TLL — Retail, Re-tech, Re-invent: Online All The Time?

TechLife Live — Retail, Re-tech, Re-invent

Online All The Time?
The COVID pandemic dramatically shifted retail slaes from brick and mortar stores to online shopping. As stores closed it was the only option. But even as stores re-opened, online sales continued to dominate surging 41% in 2020. Many large retailers are forecasting greater than 50% of their sales will come from ecommerce for the first time. We'll discuss these trends as well as the technology and innovations that are further enabling retailers of all sizes to capture and optimize ecommerce sales.

Joe Vancena (Loop)
Chase Clymer (Electric Eye Agency)
Shea Burns (Klarna)
Chris Sentz (F13 Works)

Hosted by:
Dave Cherry

TLL — The Cybersecurity Centaur: Personal Security, Don't Get Got

TechLife Live — The Cybersecurity Centaur: Half Human, Half Cyber

Personal Security: Don't Get Got
We discuss how to keep ourselves safe from threat actors because yes... they target the general population as well.

Don Boian of Huntington Bank

Hosted By:
Samara Williams
Helen Patton

TLL — Product Management for the Modern Era

Online event

TechLife Live — Product Management for the Modern Era
Matthew Abbitt

Hosted By:
Brett Buchanan

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Central Ohio .NET Developers Group

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