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Agile web development with Groovy and Grails

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Say you want to build your next web application in Java. What tools and frameworks are you going to choose to build your application? The long version of the answer is some web framework + Spring + Hibernate and the short version of the answer is Grails.

Grails is a web framework build on top of Java frameworks like Spring and Hibernate and allows developers to build web applications using Groovy programming languages. In this presentation BJ Allmon, Jarred Olson and Kevin Smith will team up and show you how you can quickly build web application for JVM and deploy to the cloud. They will also share their experience of building a multiple large grails application and how they helped large team of Java developers to Grails.

If you are excited about Groovy/Grails and want to see how you could use at your workplace don't miss this opportunity.



BJ Allmon is a seasoned agile software craftsman, coach, author, and speaker. Experienced in coaching teams through the full project life cycle. Accomplished author of book "Flex On Java" by Manning. Also written tutorials for IBM DeveloperWorks online resource on various open source technologies.

Jarred Olson is a polyglot programmer/agile coach for Pillar Technologies. He enjoys solving business and technical problems. Above all, he enjoys supporting his team by making testing and developing easier and faster. For the past year he has worked with Groovy and Grails at the enterprise level. In his personal life he enjoys spending time with his fiancé, family, and friends; as well as playing golf, woodworking, and watching OSU football.

Kevin Smith is a senior consultant and coach with Pillar technology and has been working with Java related technologies and Grails. Kevin has been building Grails applications from very beginning for various clients.

I go to these people when I have Grails questions :)