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Δ (Delta) Ansible: Keeping up with changes and deprecations

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Δ (Delta) Ansible: Keeping up with changes and deprecations



Ansible is a very well known tool that is now owned and maintained by Red Hat that simplifies configuration management. In recent years, its development has been fast-paced and has frequent iterations and new feature releases. Despite the benefits that this brings, it has made it hard for sysadmins and devops teams to keep up with the latest best practices, deprecations, and the newest features.
Starting from the 1.9.4 release, I will walk through select features that have undergone significant changes and deprecations from a sysadmin’s perspective with the intent of providing easy-to-implement upgrade strategies. Additionally, I will outline what is required for a minimal integration testing environment, mentioning the pitfalls and gotchas that I’ve run into on the way, in order to provide a path for ongoing upkeep and maintenance.

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6:00 PM - Introductions, food, drink, and networking
6:30 PM - Presentations begin

Our Speaker
Andrew Cziryak has been a Systems Analyst at OCLC in Columbus, OH for the past two years, focusing on automation and vulnerability management. This consists of the patching of ~10,000 virtual machines, both on premises and in the cloud, on a regular cadence.
Since Ansible has been a technology that has been implemented company-wide, I have been able to jump in and design roles and playbooks for us to accomplish these tasks, having to continually evolve them over the course of my time here. My passion for Ansible extends outside of work as well, where I use it to manage my self-hosted services, hosted both for my own personal use, and for others.

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OCLC Dublin, Ohio
6565 Kilgour Place, Dublin Ohio 43017
Please note: Make sure you go to the conference center, but the OCLC main building

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