Agile war stories: Learning from the scars


"Scars mean you survived. Survivors have better stories to tell" ~ Anonymous

So, lets gather and meet some expert "agilists" who will share their war stories, wounds and wins and learn from their experience in a fun filled interactive session with TechTalks


TechTalk #1
AgileChakraTM: The Wheel of High Performance
AgileChakraTM is a metaphor used to summarise the core capabilities and the competency areas that make an organization truly agile and high-performing in today’s times. It is meant to be used as a thinking tool in coming up with the enterprise-wide Agile Transformation strategy in a simplified manner.
In this talk, the speaker will attempt to uncover the different core capabilities and competency areas of any organization undergoing Agile Transformation. Further, this talk will provide some insights on how AgileChakraTM can be effectively used to expose gaps and identify improvement areas in any organization’s Agile Transformation journey.

About the Speaker:
Tushar Paunikar, currently working with Credit Suisse as an Agile Coach, has been involved in multiple Agile Transformation & Adoption initiatives across multiple organizations in the industry, with varying degrees of success. He was involved in creating the AgileChakraTM along with Vineet Patni and many others, and is a key contributor in its continuous improvement.

TechTalk #2

When we speak about Agile, people speak about practices, framework and mindset. Frameworks & practices are easy to start, hard to master.
What is the Agile Mindset? Is it a state of Mind? Something you develop? It is a journey. Let’s share an amazing experience to embrace the Agile Mindset which will help you in your day to day (and not only at work maybe 😉 ) to get the real benefits of your Agile Journey.

About the Speaker:
Jérôme is an Agilitator, Facilitator, LEGOvore, Agile Coach, Architect (of nice things), Magician, Hypnotist Passionate in Problem Solving, creativity, games (and serious games), knowledge representation /cartography of complex system. He is currently spreading his magic with Zenika Singapore