What we're about

This is a friendly group for people who enjoy going on short walks (3-8 miles) in Telford and surrounding areas of East Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Telford is surrounded by countryside and has lots of green space, so nature and industrial heritage are quite accessible. If you want to meet people and engage in a healthy pastime, why not join us for a walk?

We do not charge an annual subscription, but as a not for profit organisation, we would appreciate donations when members go on walks. To cover the Meet Up administration costs and public liability insurance, 50p is a suggested amount but it must be stressed that this is an entirely voluntary donation>



We are a friendly group who rarely experience problems, but some rules are important so that the walks are enjoyable and safe for everyone. Walkers are also reminded that they assume their own risks and responsibilities when participating.

1. Changing your mind and cancellations

Walks can be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. You should check the page for the walk on the morning before setting out.

If have RSVP'd yes to a walk but you find you are unable to attend, then please let us know by changing your RSVP, or leaving a message on the page for the walk. If this happens within 2 hours of the start of a walk, please text or call the walk leader (see below).

2. Lateness and getting there

Directions to the start point will be posted on the site, together with a link to a map. Postcodes can cover a wide area in semi-rural locations, so you should not totally rely on satnavs.

If you are going to be late please ring or text the walk leader to let them know. The number will be posted on the page for the walk. The number for the group leader (Tony) is 07711 950964

3. Footwear and clothing

You should check the page for the walk for any special advice about footwear and clothing. Most of our walks are short and on proper paths, but some walks may be very muddy. If there is nothing to the contrary on the walk page, you should be ok wearing walking boots, strong trainers or other good footwear. Flip-flops and high heels are examples of footwear which are unsuitable. It is your own responsibility to ensure you are adequately clothed (and have brought waterproofs if it is a rainy day or rain is forecast). Anyone deemed to be wearing inadequate clothing or footwear may be excluded from the walk at the discretion of the walk leader.

4. Dogs

You may bring well-behaved dogs to the walk, but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult and kept on a lead at all times.

5. Age range / children

Children may attend the walk, provided they are at least 10 years old. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult (aged 18+). There is no upper age limit on our walks.

6. Medical and fitness

It is your responsibility to decide whether or not you are fit enough to attend the walks; you should read the page for the walk, which should give you an indication of the difficulty and length. In the very unlikely event that someone is obviously incapable of completing the walk, then they may be excluded at the discretion of the leader.

If you become unwell or have an accident during a walk, please notify the leader immediately. Leaders are not medically trained do not have first aid kits, but they will carry a mobile phone.

7. Photography

Photographers are welcome on our walks. However, you should obtain permission if you photograph other members of the group or their guests (and if that person is a child, you must also obtain the permission of their accompanying adult).

8. Alcohol and drugs

You are not permitted to attend our walks if you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Anyone who appears to be impaired by alcohol or drugs may be removed from the walk at the discretion of the walk leader.

9. Leaving the walk early

It is acceptable to leave a walk earlier than the agreed end point, however you must ensure you notify the walk leader.

10. Following the leader

Participants should follow the route set by the leader.

11. Miscellanous

Anyone who refuses to comply with the reasonable requests of the leader, disrupts the walk, or whose behaviour is grossly offensive or dangerous to others may be removed from the walk at the discretion of the walk leader.

After receiving several comments from members concerning people asking for lifts; would all walkers please refrain from either personally asking or phoning other members for lifts to walks. If you should require a lift, would you please post a request on the meet up message board for that walk. This will then ensure that no member feels obliged or embarrassed into giving someone a lift.

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