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What we’re about

Join us as we visit faith services in Toronto's countless temples, mosques, synagogues and churches. <br>This open-minded group is for spiritual seekers, the culturally curious and those wishing to make new community connections. We seek deeper understanding of Toronto's many faiths and cultures by attending religious services in the city's various places of worship. And afterward we have a casual lunch nearby to discuss.<br>Temples Open is not sponsored or guided by any religion or community, but seeks to explore the diverse faiths and cultures that Toronto is amply blessed with. We are driven by the spirit of compassion and curiosity, and therefore will not tolerate any hate or bigotry, such as racism, sexism or homophobia. <br>Please note that while we strenuously try to avoid any services which might make people feel uncomfortable, Temples Open is not responsible for the customary practices at the temples we visit since we are simply guests in the holy houses of others. For example, some temples seat women and men in different areas, or encourage/discourage certain types of clothing. <br>Join us on a journey that aims to feed your mind and soul!