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What we’re about

We are USTA 4-4.5 players that play competitive doubles (not singles) matches in Sunnyvale area (only in Sunnyvale area).
This group is not for beginners. There are many other groups that are less strict.

We limit the group size to 50 active players. If you apply and get accepted we assume you will be active.

We also monitor the play level of accepted players and excuse those that don't fit the group to ensure matches are competitive.

When you apply, please provide enough information to clearly "prove" that you are an ACTIVE, Computer   Rated (NOT self rated) USTA 4-4.5 doubles player. We often drill down to this question as part of the acceptance procedure.

  • In cases we are not sure, we allow "audition"/tryout session of 10-15 minutes before we accept a player.
  • If accepted then this player could RSVP to future sessions.

The Play Model: We introduce sessions and players RSVP to them. Once a session is filled with 4 players we close the session and others could RSVP as standby. We do not rotate. only 4 players play per session.

  • Better than USTA: All players are ~same good level. no need to mix and match players. New players enrolling reflecting new hires in the bay area companies. No or way Less travel. sessions' times is known. you RSVP when you can.
  • No captain or team obligations. Automatic system based on Meetup features.
  • No (or way less) bad calls (sometimes called USTA calls).
  • The group is working well since 2015
  • Pure high level competitive tennis and joy.

The RSVP model: The sessions are open for RSVP exactly 7 days before the actual session at noon. You can sign-in as standby. If i see that there are 2-3 standbys then i open a new session.

The Payment Model: We charge $1 per session played to cover the expense.
-You pay $1 per actual session played. A session is 7-9AM or 9-11AM.
-After 5 sessions you pay $5 cash. Self-administration/honor system model.
-Just deposit the $5 bill into my front tennis bag when we see each other. or use my Venmo: @David-Bistry
-It is not an exact model and it would be ok if I collect less than the total. Toward the end of the year I will determine if I need to stop collection for that year if we exceed the $140/year.
-You may pay forward if you wish. But you own the math.
-No money xfer; no checks; no paypal. Just cash or Venmo.

Current popular slots are Sat/Sun 7-9, 9-11AM.
We only play in Sunnyvale. We only play doubles.
We welcome ladies at this level.