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The Hong Kong Tennis Meetup Group is a platform for tennis lovers to convene, to organize games and matches, to promote the sport of tennis, and most importantly, to have fun. We welcome all levels of players from beginners to professional coaches to join us and serve each other.

To facilitate event organizing, please observe the following guidelines:

All members must post a face recognizable picture on the profile page. All ACCOUNTS WITHOUT FACIAL PICTURE WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE.

Anyone can request to be an Event Organizer (EO) as long as he/she has been active with the group. While being "active" is subjective, I would say a good attendance of 20+ without "no-show" is a good indication.

As EO, one would reserve the court, post and host the event. He can also place all RSVP on wait list from which the EO would pick out the final tennists before the event date.

As a courtesy to the EO and members on waiting list, please change RSVP well in advance. The general rule of thumb is at least 2 days before the event.

EO should post a self rating range on the event base on NTRP system, e.g. 1.5 - 2.5 for members to consider before RSVP.

EO determine cost but it must be posted on the event in advance. For amateur players, we suggest sharing the court fee and charge $10 each person for new balls. To cover some intangible expenses, EO can have the liberty to charge higher than cost.

From time to time, the group shall organize free coaching session exclusively for the EOs.

Members' record showing ONE no show without cancelling will be removed from the group. Late cancellations are considered as no show. We encourage Event Organizer to report no show ASAP so that the admin can take care of the issue. Please make sure all players who show up checkin to the meetup system.

Professional Coaches are welcomed to join us. Once recognized by the group organizer as a Meetup Coach, one can organize events just like any other EO and charge their own rate.

From time to time, the Group would organize community tennis event free to new comers in different district to promote the game. Professionals can take advantage of such events to promote their services.

If you haven’t notice, we call ourselves Tennist and our Headline is “Come serve with Tennis Meetup!”

Disclaimer: Hong Kong Tennis Meetup is an amateur platform that welcomes all tennis players. By joining our events, all participants are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer, and agreed to exonerate the organizers and any other participants in the games from any liabilities, claims, including but not limited to liabilities and claims as a result of any injuries or deaths or damages arising thereof. Players joining games are at their own choosing and at their own risk.

Upcoming events (5+)

#Rally / Game @ Chai Wan Park

Chai Wan Park

This 2-hour session is not suitable for beginner, should be advanced beginner or above. Rally and games. One new can ball for game and used balls will be provided for rally. Late comer charge same price. We reserve the right edit attendee list. We will do ~ 10 mins warm up in service box and ~ 20 mins rally. Then we play doubles, water break and doubles again :). Of course, we would change partner. Fee: HKD$ 50 per head Location: Chai Wan Park @ 1st hour court 5, 2nd hour court 6 Players: 4 to 6 Please update your status ASAP if you cannot attend this event and avoid changing RSVP status to 'NO' within 24 hour the activity start. If signing off within 24 hour with no reason, it might be treat as "NO SHOW". We do not welcome people who has "NO SHOW" record and bad manners. Cancellation due to bad weather if any will be announced before one hour event start. Thanks for notice. Happy tennis :-) See u at the court. Cheers.

Tennis to greatness! For advance beginners and above

Location visible to members

Hi all Tennis Enthusiast, Lets all get together and have an enjoyable time of rally and games. 60pp and balls provided Lai Chi Kok Park (Court 2) near Mei Foo Mtr station. For those who RSVP and are unable to make it to the event. Please change your status 24hours before the event as to not inconvenience those in the waitlist. Event will be cancelled if there is not enough partcipants

Intermediate Doubles, Sin Fat Road, Lv 4.0

Sin Fat Road Tennis Court

My partner and I are inviting another pair of players to hit. Match play, NTRP 4.0 up. Fee $30 per head. We meet at court # 2. Remarks: Host could edit RSVP list. Please provide phone number for easy contact. Withdraw in the last 48 hours equals no show.

Fun & Mingle Tennis for Advanced Beginners

Shek Kip Mei Park Tennis court

Rally or Game, to play, exercise, socialize, and have fun ! Cost : $60 per head (Payme or cash) Balls will be provided. If you are unable to attend, please update your status ASAP to let other people to join. Change "RSVP" status within 24 hours of the starting of event will be considered as "No Show" and will be blacklisted.

Past events (5,252)

18 July 2000-2200 Shek Kip Mei - Rally/game

Shek Kip Mei Station Exit C

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