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What we’re about


"DFE is designed to foster a membership that is vibrant, active, and social within a variety of activities that alows gender expression with others that want to celebrate life together in public or private. DFE does this by allowing all members to schedule their own events without scrutiny (e.g. not putting any restrictions on members to comply to a set of rules or guidelines), and to establish lasting friendships with those that are like minded."

Group Charter

The Dallas Feminine Expression Group is primarily for all those that identify as female, or like to express their identity as female. We do have genetic girls as members, and female to male individuals are also welcome. The group is public but is highly moderated to protect everyone's identity and privacy.

Yes the group is open to SOs, family members, women, men transmen transwomen etc. etc. - let's just say it's open to people that want to celebrate life with us.

This is a social group that also provides a channel to find others with similar needs and interests. We are not a dating site or providing meetups for that purpose. However, if you find someone that has similar interests that's great - it's just not the reason we are getting together.

This is a "meetup" group which does imply that we all gather together and do things together. Sometimes in more mainstream venues, sometimes in more private settings. Everyone is encouraged to participate in our meetups and come out and have fun with us as they can.

*You Must Submit Your Request To Join WITH A PHOTO THAT SHOWS YOUR Face (male or female).

Overall Philosophy of the Group (not in any order)

What we ARE!

o Meet and gather together to celebrate our femininity (or masculinity for FTMs)

o Provide resources for those needing help with gender identity or gender expression - although we are not a support group

o No Labels - we don't care how you label yourself or if you don't. Our montra is that Labels are for clothes, so leave the Labels at that door and come in and have some fun with us. We are interested in who you are and won't judge you for it.

o The best ways for us to enable change in attitudes in society is for us to get out in society and lead by setting a positive example of who we are inside. No matter how you want to dress, or what you want to wear - it doesn't matter as long as you treat others with love and respect.

o Gender Expression - We do not distinguish with gender we use primarily the female terms on the site Girls, women, ladies without distinguishing in the name a difference in gender (e.g. we don't say crossdressers or gurls or tgirls etc.). Likewise are FTMs are men to us. The best way to put it is that we acknowledge the gender being expressed by the individual.

o You are equal - the newest member of the group can schedule meetups or send group messages no approval required...i know it's absolutely insane but we rather extend our trust first to you and demonstrate that we want you to be as active as you like. We have no structure, leadership or legislating body - that all works so well for the government so we'll just leave that one alone.

o Open Group - we are open to any gender or gender identity. The only requirement is to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

What we ARE NOT.

o Support Outreach - we are not a support or outreach group. There is already plenty of groups that provide this service - our charter is for fun and social gathering which is just as important. You need to foster relationships for those already out and about while encouraging others to participate.

o Membership - we are not collecting members so to speak we are looking for friends and acquaintances that we can enjoy

o Friendships - we are not a hook up group we are looking for friendships. Although if you meet someone go ahead. But if you join this group for that purpose you'll probably be disappointed. Look at or etc. for that purpose

o Profile Proliferation - we are not a facebook, we are not looking to collect profiles but rather individuals that want to gather with similar interests.

What's Required to Join.

1. A facial picture of yourself

2. Answer a few questions to help us get to know you

What's required as a member.

1. Log into the site at least once every 6 months

2. Be respectful and nice to others.

3. We encourage active participation or scheduling events but it's not required

Your Organizers: Paula Braun, Trina Jackson and Shannon