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D17 Protest outside Mission Police Station
December 17 is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. The primary cause of that violence is criminalization, and contrary to the sentiments of the community (almost 42% of San Francisco voters supported a measure to COMPLETELY DECRIMINALIZE prostitution in the city), the SFPD has reportedly STEPPED UP its harassment of street-based workers in the Mission. At a recent neighborhood meeting, it was reported that the captain of Mission Police Station admitted that the SFPD have a new prostitution "abatement" unit. As usual, they are very secretive about the number of arrests, citations, etc., but there is anecdotal evidence of insufficient prioritization of going after real crime, like the epidemics of auto break-ins and bike thefts. A misplaced focus on trying to police the sex lives of consenting adults is surely at least part of the reason for that. A few days ago while doing laundry, the older Chinese gentleman who runs the laundromat I frequent showed me a video on his cellphone from his security camera, in which a thief could be seen stealing someone's bag from the establishment, and warned me to be on guard. He told me that when he'd called the police, they didn't show up for an hour, and then instead of taking a report or investigating, told him that he should advise his customers to watch their clothes! In short, it's obvious the SFPD continue to have their priorities skewed. So please join us this Monday to protest outside their station as we honor and remember sex workers who died this year, like the four women including a transwoman who are alleged to have been killed in Texas in September by a Border Patrol supervisor who reportedly told investigators he wanted to "eradicate all the prostitutes". So come out with your red umbrellas, signs, noisemakers, fliers, etc., along with anything you'd like to bring to help remember the departed, and help us let the police know that the community sees what they are doing (and not doing), and we don't think it's cool! Here's more from the Erotic Service Providers Union and US Prostitutes Collective (slightly revised from print flier): International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Stand with sex workers demanding that Mission Police stop arrests and prioritize safety! Noon on December 17, 2018 Mission Police Station 630 Valencia Street, SF More women, particularly mothers, are being driven onto the Mission streets due to increasing poverty, high rents, homelessness and the federal FOSTA/SESTA law cracking down on online advertising. Instead of implementing the SF Police Department’s Prioritizing Safety for Sex Workers Policy, the Mission police captain has established a Sex Work Abatement Unit to aggressively arrest sex workers, clients and others associated with sex workers in the central Mission. These actions contradict the SFPD policy which says that “criminalization of sex work is one of the primary barriers to [sex workers] reporting violence to law enforcement.” Minority women, immigrants, and trans women are especially targeted for prostitution arrests. A vocal minority of residents have been calling on the police to “eradicate” prostitution [that language sound familiar? –Starchild] from central Mission. Many other neighbors DON'T support this approach and refuse to be divided from sex workers, homeless people and others under attack. People who want to get out of these situations deserve consensually provided assistance, not criminalization. As sex workers and other local people we demand: ► Stop the arrests! ► Stop the racist policing! ► Support decriminalization of sex work for freedom and safety’s sake! Protest called by the US PROStitutes Collective and Erotic Service Providers Union. Protest endorsed by Rad Mission Neighbors and the Decriminalize Meetup For more info: [masked]; or [masked] Call[masked] or[masked]

Mission Police Station

630 Valencia Street · San Francisco, CA

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