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What we’re about

THE BETTER MEN PROJECT - Helping make Good Men Better!

What makes a Man, a Man?

We think it's helping other Men to become better Men!

We have noticed that the modern world Men find themselves in today leaves Men feeling like they are far less than what they they should be.

Society (i.e. the media, culture, academic systems, judicial systems, role models, crime, industry, etc.) seems to leave Men without the important "things" that Men need to live a life they would regard as a "Fulfilled Life".

While we don't claim to have "all the answers", we are piloting a series of local MN 'engagements' in downtown Wayzata where Men come together to:

- Discuss the key issues, and share the experiences that plague Men along with the coping mechanisms used to deal with them.

- Learn about, and how to, develop high value, high status, Male personal character.

- Have camaraderie, community, and the company of other Men aspiring to high value & high character.

- Receive instruction, engage with other Men individually and in groups, to grow and mature.

Who are we?

- We are local MN Men who aspire to help other Men become better Men.

- Sponsored by Members of the Mason Lodge #205 in Wayzata, MN.


Upcoming events

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