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What we’re about

Do you love country music? Do you sometimes find yourself line dancing in your living room because none of your friends will go to a country bar with you? This group is for country music lovers that wanna dance! Line dance, two-step, swing, we'll do it all. And if you just want to come along to listen to the music, you're welcome to join us!


Don't know how to dance but always wanted to learn? Many of the locations where we'll be dancing will offer free lessons, usually in the early evening before the place gets too hoppin'! So you can learn your new steps, then try them out during the evening! This is a fun, casual group. Our events will be in public places, so you can dance with our members or with others who may happen to be there. Singles, couples, friends...all are welcome! Just remember, this is not a pickup group, so only join if you are a true country music lover and not just looking for a hookup. If a romantic match happens to be made, congrats! But this group is about country music and dancing, so let's keep it comfortable for all members.