Discover Your Life Path’s Treasure Chest & Dream Career

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Use the power of numerology to discover and create your dream career!

"If you loved Sue Frederick’s ( talk in March and want to learn more about Numerology and dive deeper into your own life path numbers, this is the class for you!"

Are you ready to. . .

get clear about what you're meant to do with your life? feel more confident, courageous and accepting of your path? discover tools to support your decisions and your journey no matter how many obstacles come your way? join a group that is committed, ready and supportive of you and your goals, boosting you to take bigger risks than ever before? act differently to attract opportunities, money, freedom? Thursdays in August from 7 pm- 9 pm

Led by Career Intuitive and Life Transition Coach Elizabeth Joy Mueller

Class Dates:

August 2

August 9

August 16

August 23

In Discovering Your Treasure Chest, you will:

Discover your Life Path number and uncover it’s meaning in your soul’s purpose and in directing your career path. Discover how your Life Path number can unlock your true essence and influence your purpose and your great work. Learn how to calculate your personal year and the nine-year cycles throughout your lifetime. Learn how to use your personal year number to focus your activities and goals for this year and beyond. Discover how your greatest pain can become your greatest gift to the world. Uncover the ways you sabotage your efforts and learn how to move through your resistance to action. Discover your own sacred practice to support your life path and raise your vibration. Start taking action that is aligned with your Dream Career, Soul purpose and your Great work now!

Week One: Your Life Path Number & Your Dream Job

Understand the path your soul chose for you to experience in this lifetime and how it influences your career, your great work and the quest to create a fulfilling life. Elizabeth will guide and share intuitive individual insights with each participant.

Week Two: Personal Year 2012 & the Nine-year Cycles

We will calculate your personal year number and how the nine-year cycles influence significant transitions and changes. Knowing your personal year number helps to shape the focus of your goals and energy for this year and beyond.

Week Three: Your Pain becomes Your Greatest Gain

This week we will focus on listening to the places where you stop or sabotage yourself, the voices of doubt and worry, and other pain in your life. Through guided meditation, we will heal the past and begin to seed your dreams from your soul.

Week Four: Being and Sharing Your Treasure Chest with the World & Taking it into Your Career

This week we will bring what we learned together. Cultivating creativity, taking action and using your sacred practice to raise your vibration and keep taking your great work into the world.

This will be a dynamic interactive class experience where you will receive individual coaching and insights. Class size is limited to a maximum of twelve divas. Scheduled on Thursdays in June - 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th - from 7-9pm in Boulder.


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What people say about Elizabeth and her programs. . .

I didn’t expect the profound changes that have taken place as quickly and as effortlessly as they have . . .

When I heard about the Group Coaching Circle, I was feeling stuck. I was in a relationship that, after a year, seemed to be going nowhere. I also knew I needed to move from the place I had been living in for the past seven years and had no idea where to go next. There was nothing that could have been more appealing than a space to come to every week, to experience community and to receive support.

While I expected the circle to provide something positive for me, I didn’t expect the profound changes that have taken place as quickly and as effortlessly as they have. In less than two months from when we began, I have signed a lease on an apartment that is the kind of place I’ve always envisioned myself living in and I’m now happily single.

I loved that the process was not about doing – I have enough of to do
list and goals in my day-to-day life. Instead, it was about aligning
and opening to new possibility. Elizabeth often uses the term “unraveling” in our meditations. That’s exactly what I feel like happened over the last few weeks. The parts of my life that were ready to shift unraveled to create space for the new parts to enter in.

-K. Schmitz, Teacher & Administrator, NY

How the numbers work remains a mystery to me, but the rightness of what came through in this session left me feeling joyful, inspired, and eager to embrace my path.

My numerology session with Elizabeth was an amazing gift and couldn't have come at a better time. In the midst of a period of major change and transition,
I needed some sense of clarity and direction. That's exactly what I got from this reading.

The numbers for my "life path" as well as the number for the year's "theme" gave me information that confirms much of what I have been feeling intuitively, but also helped me to see the bigger picture much more clearly. In areas where
I've been struggling to make a decision, or hoping for a situation to resolve, I got a sense of peace and of what is right for me. I feel much more grounded in terms of what I want to focus on and what's possible. I am connecting to a vision and a purpose that I can breathe life into right now.

Elizabeth also delivered very practical, concrete "baby steps" and practices which
I am now using in my daily life.

Much gratitude and love to Elizabeth and the gifts she brings!

-P. Black, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Brooklyn


Elizabeth is gifted at helping me discover my gifts, my wisdom, my desires that always lead me back to a more peaceful and powerful place.

Working with Elizabeth has been one of the greatest joys of my life. It sounds big. And she is! In the depth of her listening, the strength of her loving attention, Elizabeth brings that rare combination of power and sensitivity that I find essential for healing to occur. I always look forward to sessions with her for skillful guidance, unconditional love and insight into every aspect of who you are. It's a joy everyone should feel on a regular basis!

When I reflect on working with Elizabeth - which usually involves me feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, disconnected from my truth, or some combination thereof! - I'm amazed at how effortless each session seems to unfold. Within minutes, I find myself not only able to access what is most true for me, but the experience of getting there is actually joyful - even while I may also be facing painful emotions.

I know deep in my heart that it's Elizabeth's brilliant and truly divine witnessing, approach and love that enables me to move through old stories, new stories, pieces of myself that feel left out or just adrift, and come out the other side with an unmistakable sense of ease, clarity and integration.

Everyone on the planet should work with her!
-A. Martenez, Producer and Writer, Brooklyn, NY

About Elizabeth Joy Meuller:

For over 20 years, Elizabeth has explored her own soul calling by indulging her passions. She has trained with a prominent mystic in the Midwest, studied yoga with the masters in India, visited both Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples, and trekked through the Himalayas. Her unique blend of city-savvy and soul-awareness helps her relate profoundly to those who are fully accomplished in the eyes of society, yet have a deep heart’s yearning for something more.

Elizabeth’s uniquely balanced background includes an MBA from Vanderbilt University, seven years of consulting and corporate America and nearly a year of international development study in West Africa. On top of that, she is certified as a Career Intuitive, and in Soul Awareness Healing, Thai Yoga Bodywork and Herbal Healing, which brings a deep understanding of the mind-body connection in her consultations.

She has been a private practice in NYC since 2007 as Soul Intuitive and Life Transitions coach. Recently relocating to Boulder, Elizabeth attended Sue’s Frederick’s talk for Daring Divas and discovered the powerful insights of numerology. She’s gone on to learn how to use numerology in her own practice and is a certified Career Intuitive Coach by Sue Frederick. Find out more at (

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