• Divorcing Generational Trauma

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    Group discussions with other females going through divorce will get you thinking about what your future looks like, what’s important to you and why. You will learn how to maneuver through this difficult life event, YOUR WAY, and with your core values intact.
    I invite you to use the Defining Divorce Support Group as a lifeline to help reset and/or rethink the way you’ve been living your life because of the scar your divorce has made. Whether you’re a man at the beginning stages or you’ve been out of it for a while, the scars can heal if you are willing to do the work. Allow this group to be your catalyst for change.
    To participate in this safe space, all you have to do is:
    -respect differing opinions
    -respect the confidentiality of your fellow group members
    -be open to change
    -have a paper and pen close by
    *Please note that our current Monday sessions are only open to females experiencing or who have experienced divorce.