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You have amazing ideas, the ability to create, and a desire to change the world — it's the foundation of what makes you an entrepreneur.

But you get stuck.
The creativity drops.
The initiative stops...initiating.

The schedule you set for yourself stops being followed. Then it starts to feel overwhelming, or you find yourself checking email all day. And while emails gives us all a sense of "accomplishment", it's not enough to keep moving your business further.

In Charles Duhigg's book, "The Power of Habit", he looks at the fundamentals behind forming and maintaining habits. Whether good, or bad, there's a system to how we all work. A system we can manipulate to work to our advantage.

To become a truly great entrepreneur, the type that does the change the world, there's one more piece you need.

In the "Power of Habit" Duhigg uses the example of AA to demonstrate the need for community. That for all of our best intentions, planning, and strategy, there are going to come rough patches where we falter. We're susceptible to breaking the good habits we put in place for ourselves when we don't have the support of others through those times.

To truly thrive, we need to be surrounded by like minded people to help us maintain our drive. To get the encouragement we need to make it through when it's tough.

THAT is what this group is focused around. Small group sessions to help us all learn from, depend on, and grow with each other.

Chicago has yet to receive the credit it deserves for the ideas and drive found in its streets. We are not the city that needs to go to investors. As one friend of mine has said, "We're a city that rolls up our sleeves and gets shit done."

If this is you, then this group is for you.

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