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What we’re about


If you are looking for the BEST group motorcycle riding in Texas, and without all the usual drama and BS, then you’ve definitely found the right group!!!
Other groups definitely try to "Imitate" us...but none will EVER "Duplicate" us!!
We have been THE BEST motorcycle riding group in North Texas for almost a decade now!!! Just one ride...and you'll know why!!

WHO WE ARE:  We are a motorcycle riding group composed of men and women of all ages and with all types of motorcycles. We plan and organize some really amazing local rides and overnight extended trips all around Texas and the United States. We also have bike/cage events where we just meetup somewhere for food & drinks and the usual Freedom Riders craziness!! There is NEVER a dull moment no matter what we do....that is GUARANTEED!!
The Freedom Riders MG was originally created for ALL proud American RIDE WITH PRIDE for the United States Of America, and to always pay honor and respect to our United States Military and our Veterans both living and passed. Although the majority of our rides are just casual, weekend fun rides, we will always try to offer our support by participating in charitable organization rides whenever possible. (Spirit Of A Hero, Back The Blue, Toys for Tots, Teddy Bear Runs, etc)

The Freedom Riders MG is for INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED Riders Only...We in no way ride dangerous or reckless, but you should be a proficient motorcycle rider before joining us...capable of riding all types of roads and all types of conditions at the posted speed limits or occasionally 5-10 mph over...we LOVE TO RIDE and so we will almost always seek out the curviest and most twisty roads we can find on each ride!!!
Bottom line...if you do NOT fully have the art of "Counter Steering" mastered, then you will most likely end up in a ditch with MUST know how to properly ride a motorcycle using "Counter Steering" techniques at all times, or you SHOULD REALLY NOT be riding motorcycles at all....but...IF you do NOT have the full mastery of Counter Steering, and you truly desire to learn this mastered art, then PLEASE contact me for some ONE ON ONE training and we can definitely get you to the level you need to be at in order to ride successfully within our group rides, and you will survive in the 4 wheeled world MUCH better!!!
Also, for the safety and continuity of our members, this group is for motorcycles and motorcycle trikes only. (Trikes always ride rear of group for safety and continuity)
NO Can-Ams, Spyders, or Slingshots are allowed.

IS THIS THE GROUP FOR YOU?  If you have a passion for motorcycle riding and you are wanting to experience the safety, the great friendships and the unforgettable adventures that are associated with group riding, then you will definitely enjoy riding with the Freedom Riders MG. 
If you are nervous about riding with a group for the first time, trust me, there are no strangers here. We treat each and every member as part of our family from day one. So just relax and enjoy the ride, because we are simply about good times, awesome rides and a million smiles!!

IS THIS A MOTORCYCLE "CLUB"?  No...although our patched Legacy Members are some of the most loyal and dedicated individuals you could ever want to meet, we are a NEUTRAL riding group and NOT an official "MC". 
The Freedom Riders MG has no claims of territory or allegiance to anyone but themselves and the United States of America.

ARE HELMETS/SAFETY GEAR MANDATORY?  We always make SAFETY the top priority at all of our events. However, to avoid any legal liability, the FRMG does not mandate or regulate your personal safety equipment in any way. All local and state laws should be followed at all times. Every member is of adult age and solely responsible for making their own personal decisions in regards to helmets and safety equipment.

HOW DO YOU GET "PATCHED IN" TO THE FREEDOM RIDERS?  Freedom Riders Rocker Patches are awarded free of charge to our members by the FRMG.
A FRMG Rocker patch can only be presented to a new member after a recommendation from any FRMG Legacy Member, Charter Member, or Board Member.
It is a top vest rocker and we DO NOT recommend or endorse using any territorial bottom rockers on our riding vest or "cuts".

In honor and appreciation to all of our country's First Respondents, our US Military and the entire Freedom Riders MG membership, NO DUES OR FEES are ever required for membership or participation with us.
You may donate if you would like to the group at anytime by using the links found on the Meetup site. 
The Freedom Riders are completely non-profit and the financial page may be viewed by all members at anytime.


1. NO DRAMA- The world already has more than enough drama in it, DO NOT create any more here!!

2. NO NEGATIVE ATTITUDES- If you cannot laugh at life, this just may not be the group for you!! The group Leader is named "Joker" for a reason...almost ALL of our events you will find yourself usually laughing more than anything else!!

3. NO EGOS- We are extremely PROUD of the GROUP and what it REPRESENTS. So if it's all about you, or your "specific bike brand", this definitely is not the group for you!!

4. NO JUDGMENTAL BEHAVIOR- We are a motorcycle family. We RESPECT each member for their own unique individuality and their own personal life choices at all times. We ride together as a family over some really amazing roads to some really cool places, all while keeping each other safe and sharing tons of laughs together along the way. We are NOT here to pass judgement on each other...if you like to gossip and create drama about others in the group, you will instantly be removed from the FRMG.

The ONLY members that have EVER been removed from our group, or have hit the door running, just simply could not comply within these Four Commandments.
That certainly doesn't make them bad people, it just doesn't make them FREEDOM RIDERS!!


***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** - The Freedom Riders Membership on Meetup is "PARTICIPATION ONLY"
Anyone who joins the FRMG is expected to become an active participant in the groups rides and activities asap.

If you would like to be a part of The Freedom Riders MG by following all of our amazing rides and activities, but you're just not quite ready to become an "Active" Member...then please FOLLOW US on Facebook using the link below, and just return here to Meetup when you're ready to JOIN THE FAMILY!!!

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