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Containers and OpenStack


Docker and OpenStack are two of the most popular open source cloud projects, both conceived to make IT more agile. Offering flexibility and other benefits, open source cloud infrastructure is a great fit for many organizations. While open source software itself is mostly free and provides many advantages, there are still costs to consider with this option. As developers, we are becoming more and more critical in choosing the tools used in projects and it's important for us to understand how to choose the right cloud platform. In this Containers #101 meetup we will provide an overview of container technology and how it relates to OpenStack. We will also discuss the cost of "free" or what's wrong with open source today. Join us for an evening of free food, drinks, and great conversation!


5:30pm - 6:00pm Networking, pizza, and drinks

6:00pm - 6:45pm The Cost of Free. What is wrong with Open Source?

6:45pm - 7:30pm An overview of container technology & how it relates to OpenStack


Speaker: Khash Sajadi, CEO Cloud 66

Description: Integration, reduction of risk and cost are often cited as the reasons behind adoption of Open Source. As developers we are becoming more and more critical in choosing the tools used in projects we need to become more aware of the implications of our decisions.

Speaker: Kumulus Technologies CTO, Robert Starmer

Part 1- Containers for Devs
Containers - a brief history
Why not just use VMs
Developers and Operations
Developers and Containers
The need for Ops

Part 2- Herding Cattle - Container Managment
Container Management
Management Functions

Part 3- OpenStack and Containers
Running Containers on OpenStack
Container Management
Per Tenant Management
OpenStack Projects - Magnum, Murano, HEAT
New OpenStack Project - Kuryr, Higgins

Part 4 - Managing OpenStack with Containers
OpenStack as a Containerized, Distributed App
OpenStack or Kubernetes... or OpenStack?
The OpenStack Kolla Project

Part 5 - Review/ Questions

The GitOps Meetup
The GitOps Meetup
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14th floor 535 Mission Street · San Francisco, CA