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What we’re about

This event is created to host a time and space for a creative community to gather to dive into the Artistic Life - regarding the struggles and strengths that we - as creatives - live.
Each week, we will gather to discuss and heal/strengthen concepts that exist for us - as Artists:
"The Starving Artist"
Integrity of a Creative
The Strengths of Creatives
Artistic Conviction
Through dialogue and guided Mindfulness Meditation - the goal is to Empower Yourself by guiding through “relative emotions” to open up to life's possibilities created within these struggles and strengths.
It is through this program that, in community, we shall bring our unique inner wisdom connected to our Creative Self - in order to find the Freedom to create - and take actions towards - individual/idealized goals - grounded in Support.
Together - To heal the broken artistry for the world around us. Through our healing of our artist’s way, we can be fuller, more present, and have the capabilities to live out the Artistic Life.

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