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We all know what’s good for us. More sleep. More movement. More laughter. Less screen time. Less sugar. Less multitasking. So why is it so hard to do the things we know would make us happier & healthier?

Let's get together to create momentum around positive health changes. Beyond food and fitness, this group is about making room for all the other pieces of well-being we know matter just as much. While these two topics get the most attention, there is much research supporting that other behaviors - like expressing gratitude and having compassion, for example - are equally, if not more, important to feeling awesome.

Each week, we’ll be experimenting & practicing a super simple, itty bitty change and each meet up we’ll dive into it in a mixed format, with expert speakers, one on one break outs and discussion. At its core, this group is about accountability, reinforcement & positivity, the kind of support that research shows is essential for healthy change and what we need from one another to keep going.

So join us for The Health Huddle! No commitment & no cost (though donations invited). Just come as you are when you can. RSVP here and feel free to email Ali with questions at thehealthhuddle@gmail.com.

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The Health Huddle: What's Next?

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The Health Huddle: Presence

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The Health Huddle: Compassion

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The Health Huddle: Expression

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