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This meetup is open to all looking to understand or keep up with innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI, IOT, Robo-advisory etc... and how they impact the world of Investment Finance including retail, private and institutional portfolio diversification, alternative investments, investment operational processes, finance jobs, banking etc... to list a few.

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The Innovative Financier is a registered not-for-profit group, looking to help finance communities qualm the worries brought by disruptive technologies, provide a platform of information, discussion and analysis to prepare individuals and companies for the inevitable changes coming our way thanks to emerging technologies and finally, shed the lights on the opportunities up for grabs thanks to the technologies of the future.

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Fintech & The Law

Toronto Metro Hall, Room 309

Join us for an evening of Learning, Sharing & Networking on Fintech & Law. Technology is constantly evolving, and lawyers & businesses must keep up-to-date with the changes to assist regulators and ensure compliance. In that context, what are the issues with fintech? What Security/breaches, regulations and compliance implications must be considered? The challenges in Fintech especially (the intersection of Finance & Technology) are exponential as this rapidly evolving sector has regulators scrambling to keep up. No longer are financial services thought out in terms of Fiat currency, but they now have to encompass the digital world of crypto-currencies. No longer are financial services operated by human ressources, they now have to foresee the intervention of Artificial Intelligence ressources and all its ethical innuendos. No longer are legacy laws & regulations sufficient to guide the actions of a world transformed by emerging tech, instead, regulators must adapt old rules to, or create new ones for this brave new world in the hopes of preventing the abuse of vulnerable consumers and ensuring the safety of society’s economic foundations. In this event, we will cover various laws & regulations that are currently impacting Financial Services & Emerging Technologies at the Canadian and International (US , UK, EUR, Asia, Middle East ) levels, CRA, CSA, FINTRAC and recent industry news. We will also discuss Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing ramifications. Come hear from lawyers and experts in the field and some of the proposed solutions to current Fintech challenges. Ask questions “Learn” and gain valuable tips to extend your understanding of law & regulations impact on Fintech business. All of our events include time at the beginning and end to “Share” your own experiences and challenges, and “Network” with experts and like minded individuals. This event is best suited for businesses, lawyers, professionals, entrepreneurs and all others looking to understand the impact of laws & regulations on emerging technologies. Agenda: Duration: 6:30PM-8:30PM 1) Introductions 2) Presentations 3) Panel Discussions and Q&A 4) Networking Speakers: -Laila Paszti, Attorney, Experienced AI/ML Engineer, Norton Rose Fulbright Topic: Fintech Law & Regulations -Kate Grant, Venture Capitalist & Director of Fintech Ecosystem, Fintech Growth Syndicate -Topic: Fintech Landscape -Hassan Khan, CEO, TodaQ Financial (Decentralized & AI Multi-National Digital Assets Platform) Topic: Fintech Business -Rodney McInnes, CAMS, CBP, COO & AML Compliance Expert, Outliers Canada Topic: Fintech Compliance Moderator: Othalia Doe-Bruce, MBA, CIPM, CEDev, President & Founder, The Innovative Financier MC: Cassi-Ann Hutchinson, Director of Events, The Innovative Financier ***Brought to you by The Innovative Financier*** #Sign up for a chance to win Digital Assets# ++Grab drinks and continue networking with us afterwards at Roxy on King++

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