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New!! We now have a Slack channel: https://the-it-crowd-naper.slack.com
If you'd like an invite to the channel, shoot Charles an email or message on here and I'll shoot you the link.

Also, if anyone sees the "$2.00 charge requirement" occur for this group, please let me know and then email or text me your RSVP - don't pay the $! My group isn't one of the 'test groups' that I'm aware of and I plan on never passing that cost along to all of you. If we need to, I'll take the group to another hosting company/service before I will ask for a dollar from any of you.

We are a group of IT professionals that are interested in many aspects of the IT industry. The initial purpose of this group is to allow IT hobbyists and professionals to be able to get together, share information, and help each other learn. We will be discussing many topics including, but certainly NOT limited to, the following: Virtualziation, Firewalls, Security, White Hat/Grey Hat/Ethical Hacking as related to securing networks, Networks in general, and Linux. Other topics along these lines are more than welcome!!

We now have a WebEx account that Charles's work is allowing us to use for our Saturday morning sessions. This means that if you can't make it out to Naperville due to distance, time, etc. and you would still like to attend/participate on the sessions, you can now do it remotely. We will have a different link for each session, so if you can't make it to a session, shoot a message to Charles and he will get you the link for the session so you can join in.

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