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What we’re about

Anyone within the age restriction can join this meetup group, it is for fun times and socializing with a smaller and more intimate gathering. Minimum age for this group is is 40 plus no one under this age will be accepted.

This meetup group will feature Hikes, Walks, Pool nights, Karaoke Nights, Sunday Brunches and a whole host of other fun filled events you won't want to miss. 
This group requires a clear photo of yourself,if there is not one you will be declined & properly filled out questions is required

We expect people to be polite and cordial to one and other, we promote a safe environment for all members and expect this from every one. 

Please be aware that there are pictures taken at our events and posted to our site. If you do not want your picture taken please ask the person taking them politely that you would like a heads up so you can be excluded

There is no fee to join this group, but there are costs involved so we do like donations every once in a while.

Although this is a group that is run by a Organizing team it is not our group, it is your group.

YOUR participation helps this meetup work!

Anyone who is not an organizer with an idea for an event contact the Organizer (Stephen) and it may be put up, chances are if you are suggesting an event you will be asked to host it as well. . We do not promote political or religious events or fundraisers .

Rules for this group:
1: If you rsvp to an event please be sure you can attend the event if not remove yourself without messages or comments about why. Three no shows can result in removal from the group beware of this and rsvp accordingly.

2: In activity for more than 6 months means you will be removed from Funbunch but can rejoin later when you have time for events.

3: This is not a dating site.
That's about it, it's all about having a great time and getting out to meetup and socialize.

4. A real picture must be put up and kept up if not you will not be accepted or given notice when removed.