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What we’re about

This is a group dedicated to exploring ideas about the "new right."

Michael Malice defines the new right as a "group of individuals united by their opposition to progressivism, which they perceive to be a thinly veiled fundamentalist religion..."

We meet once a month at a pub of our choosing -- to socialize, network, talk politics, and share ideas. Anyone is welcome provided they intend in good faith to be respectful, and contribute to meaningful discourse.

Some topics and thinkers to discuss:
Zuby / Jordan Peterson / Michael Malice / Dinesh D'Souza / Curtis Yarvin / The Weinstein brothers / Ben Shapiro / Candace Owens / Ye / Joe Rogan / Chappelle / the state of comedy / Austrian economics / cancel culture / Thomas Sowell / Gavin McIness / Steven Pinker / Dave Rubin / Gad Saad / Viva Frei / Tucker Carlson / Yaron Brook / Ayn Rand / Lex Fridman / Debra Soh / Life, liberty, Americanism / Has the right become the new progressives? / Do civic liberties exist in the Covid-era? / Is Canada becoming more socialist? / Is first past the post corrupt? / Stoicism / Philosophy / Rise of the PPC / Taxation / UBI / How corrupt is the media today? / Is equality a myth? Equality of opp vs equality of outcome / The role and future of cryptocurrency