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What we’re about

Change your relationships, change your life. This meetup group is to help you to connect with more depth and intimacy in ALL of your relationships

Relationships are everywhere, from the one we are in with ourselves, to the ones with our friends, our partners, work colleagues, kids, the list goes on and on. We live in a super connected age where connection is available at the click of a button but many of us are left wanting so much more; more connection, more depth, more feeling, more fun, more intimacy.

This meetup is to help people move past the superficial that we experience everyday in all of our relationships, and move toward connections that are deep, intimate, loving and meaningful. People are craving connection and there is an argument that we crave deep human connection more than anything else in our lives, but so many of us are finding it so hard to truly open up to what is possible, not realising it is a lot easier than you think.

Does any of this sound familiar:

- There's something missing in your relationships
- You hold back in relationships
- You feel uncomfortable expressing your true self
- You can't find your "tribe" that you most relate to
- You are always the one giving in relationships
- You have poor boundaries in your relationships
- Your relationships don't inspire you
- Some relationships drain you of energy
- You want deeper and more intimate relationships with your friends and/or partners
- Things are good in your relationships but you have this sense that they could be so much better

We are capable of experiencing so much more in our relating and the first step is in realising this. The second step is in doing something about it. This meetup is to help you to do something about it.

At this meetup we will explore many areas of ourselves and others in order to help us to:

- Develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with ourselves and with others 
- Improve communication within our relationships
- Learn tools and techniques to use in our relationships 
- Be happier and more fulfilled 
- Learn to be more honest with ourselves and others
- Develop trust in ourselves
- Improve our self awareness
- Learn to be vulnerable and share more of the real you
- Develop a connection to something deeper than who you think you are