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What we’re about

Welcome, fellow travellers to... 

A small oasis for Geeks to meet up and make friends with others who share similar geeky interests. Now if you’ve gotten this far and still haven’t clicked the join button yet, then that might be because you have no idea what a ‘Geek’ is exactly, well let me explain…

You see a Geek is an expert, enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit mostly aimed at popular culture (Thanks, Wikipedia). However, there is more to Geeks than meets the eye. You see to me a Geek is a creative genius bordering on insanity and the only way to fend off the madness is by going to see the next Marvel movie or playing copious amounts of video games or even just a quiet night in pretending to be an Elf from Neverwinter.

But because of these interests, we tend to stay indoors a lot as we play Overwatch while watching Game of Thrones that we don’t have the time to venture out into the real world and meet up with people that might want to do the same stuff we do—and that's where we come in.

'The Social Geek' has been designed to help Geeks find new friends to play Overwatch while watching Game of thrones, through the help of social and single oriented events. These events will be marked as (SOCIAL) or (SINGLE) so people will know the aim of these events, such as-

• Drinks

• Lunch/Dinner events

• Movie events

• Board game events

• Video game events

• Book/TV Show/Anime/Comics/Cake clubs

• Conventions

Or just random catch ups to discuss favourite characters THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT… I love you David Tennant TT_TT

Well I’ve written too much, but in saying that all are welcome, whether you can list the entire cast of the Justice League, or know one or two DC Superheroes, or have no idea what DC even stands for, as long as you want to meet up with a bunch of friendly weirdos than click join ^_^

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