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What we’re about

This is a group for people to push themselves to meet more people and communicate more.

I'm sure you agree that it's been too much isolation going on nowadays. In this group, we're going to get out and communicate to more people.

Do you feel you have been too introverted, thinking too much and not having enough human contact?

It's time that you meet more people and find out what's going on in their lives. As a result, chances are you will find out that life is more meaningful than you have thought.

This group is going to be useful for shy people, for quiet people, for social life improvement, and for career improvement, because in the workaday world, people who can communicate warmly, people who can talk about and promote something, and the people who can be assertive and lead are the people who rise up and become more valued by their colleagues and clients.

Of course all of these mean you have to up your game on communication.
Specifically, we will have workshops to practice communication, and we'll have workshops to discuss how to improve your social life.

It's because communication and social life tend go hand in hand. You can't improve one without improving the other.

You will meet professional communication coaches and learn from them, and you will meet other attendees whom you can apply what you have learned and practice communication with.

In our group meetings, you will learn tools to transform yourself from a social hermit to a dynamic people person.

As a result, you will grow your social circle, build better relationships, and if you are single, maybe find that special someone, too.

Come to this group and learn the secrets of transformative social and relationship skills!

No more being isolated! It's time for you connect up with the rest of the human race. It's time for you to not only survive, but feel alive!

This group is created by the Elite Support Group which is affiliated with the Dianetics and Scientology Center of Portland.

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