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Open House Theme: Adventure

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Faye Y.
Open House Theme: Adventure


All are welcome to join our open house meeting to see how you can benefit from becoming a better speaker, storyteller, and leader through regular practice in our Toastmasters environment. Guests will have an opportunity to tell a 1-2min impromptu story based on questions provided by our Tale Topics Master.

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Storytelling is an important part of everyday communication and a great skill to develop for your family, career, and entertainment. A skilled storyteller can help others understand the world around them, or take them a voyage through fantasy, escaping the daily grind.

The Silicon Valley Storytellers is a Toastmasters club, where members focus on story creation and delivery. Our members bring prepared speeches, or engage in story development exercises. It’s fun, lively, and entertaining!

6:45pm - Networking, Tech check and prep
7:00pm - Silicon Valley Storytellers Meeting with 1-2 speakers, evaluations & Tale Topics.
8:05pm - Q&A
8:30pm - Adjourn Meeting

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Silicon Valley Storytellers Toastmasters Club
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