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What we’re about

Disconnect to reconnect:

Stop the Sunday scaries by getting out of your comfort zone and implementing new healthy habits. Keeping up your self-care and mental health can be challenging in a world that is increasingly online yet more disconnected than ever.

This group is here to help you stay accountable to a happier, healthier lifestyle, as well as to connect you with other San Diegans looking to grow. We go on bi-monthly hikes, with the option to grab lunch/coffee nearby afterwards. Rather than waking up with hang-ziety, rise to a peaceful Sunday of sunshine, fresh air, movement, and community.

When we begin the week intentionally choosing to pour into ourselves, our own energy spills into those we care most about in our life. Doom scrolling and rotting away in bed take away our agency and distract us from the beauty that’s out there just waiting for us.

Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, kick a substance habit, or just get some self-confidence from trying something new, this group is welcome for anyone who is ready to grow :)