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The Toronto Business Network Meetup (T.B.N) is a community of active and aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs. T.B.N holds inexpensive, high-quality seminars and networking events on a regular basis. These events help small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals learn, network and grow. They learn new tactics, tools and techniques. They network with like-minded people. They grow their networks, their businesses and their characters. T.B.N’s seminars address just about every business topic imaginable including traditional, online and mobile marketing, personal development, social media, sales, networking, raising capital, crowd sourcing, gamification, branding, search engine optimization, web design and much much more. Start growing your business or advancing your career today by checking us out. The best way to do this is to attend one of our meetings. T.B.N is a branch of Entrepreneurs International Network. Please email the organizer of this group to become an event host if you like to hold local events to for entrepreneurs.

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COLLABORATE & Expand Your Business Across The Globe - Online Event

Details There is strength in numbers and two heads are better than one... The biggest secret of business success that people don't seem to talk about is that successful entrepreneurs don't do it alone. The mythology of the loner genius transforming the world single-handedly is but a misguided fantasy that has, unfortunately, stopped many entrepreneurs from fulfilling their dreams and reaching their full world-changing potentials... What if Steve Jobs never met Steve Wozniak? COLLABORATE is a live virtual event born out of this need of helping entrepreneurs to find their ideal alliances so they can scale their business to the level that would be impossible to achieve if flying solo. BACKGROUND: Created by the dynamic event team that also designed the annual (since 2013) live JV Experience (JVX) Summit, which has been called the world's #1 joint venture summit. Due to the pandemic, JVX went virtual in May. The May event became the pilot to COLLABORATE. 400 people from around the world attended the 3-day live virtual event that mirrors the live event, with lots of activities, exercises and games to hone your pitches and product offerings, plus tons of opportunities to connect among attendees from around the world. The result was a live virtual event that delivered beyond expectations and generated massive connections and joint venture partners among attendees. COLLABORATE in July will be an even more refined and supercharged than the JVX Summit virtual in May. Read the raving reviews from attendees, see full event details and register at http://www.collaborateevent.com WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: • Networking Circles: Connect and form collaborative partnerships with industry leaders, experts & influencers from around the world. • Hot Or Not: Test your product or program by getting IMMEDIATE feedback from 100's of coaches & experts on the spot! • Niche Circles: Get feedback & hone your pitches & messages in front of small groups & live coaches • Knowledge Sessions: Learn valuable knowledge and actionable tools from guest speakers • JV Shark Attack: A chance to have your product or program promoted by key industry leaders • Special Exercises & Activities: Uniquely designed partners connecting & business building exercises, and other one-of-a-kind activities created to give your business a mega boost • And Much More: More sessions & activities are being developed even as you read More than ever before, successful entrepreneurs need to be able to weather unexpected storms by going beyond business as usual. COLLABORATE gives you the opportunity to establish global connections so your business can expand, grow, and get promoted beyond local economic conditions and physical boundaries. See full event details, testimonials and register at: http://www.collaborateevent.com Date: July 9 - 11, 2020 Tickets: US$47 (purchase via http://www.collaborateevent.com) Dress Code: Casual # of Attendees: 500 (limited tickets) Who will be there: Top entrepreneurs from around the world *** Please note that RSVP here does NOT reserve you a spot at the event. To have your admission guaranteed, you must register and purchase your ticket via http://www.collaborateevent.com I look forward to seeing you at the event!! Cheers, Sheene Margarette Co-organizer of Toronto Entrepreneurs Network

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